Essential guide for buying biological buffer TRIS

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There are many applications of biological buffer TRIS. It is more well-known as a biological buffer to adjust the pH value required by the reaction system. It is also used in biochemistry, molecular biology, in vitro diagnostics, cosmetics, coatings and other fields. Plays an important role, not only that, TRIS is also an important pharmaceutical intermediate, used in the compounding of multiple drugs, and can also be used as a pharmaceutical excipient. The application of TRIS is so wide, of course, the demand will be more and more. Under the influence of the epidemic, many scientific research reagents and diagnostic reagents have begun to be localized gradually. The procurement frequency of TRIS tends to be more frequent, so when we purchase What should be paid attention to?

1. Whether the quality parameters meet the requirements

High-quality biological buffer TRIS must have the following characteristics: such as pka value between 6 and 8; good solubility in water systems, minimal solubility in organic solvents; relatively non-biofilm Permeability is minimally affected by concentration, temperature, and ions in the medium, and can form soluble complexes with cations; it has excellent stability in dry or solution state, and can resist enzymatic or non-enzymatic degradation; it is resistant to visible light and Ultraviolet light has a very small absorption value and so on.

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2. Is there enough stock and whether the delivery is timely

Many customers’ inquiries are above the ton level. If there is no sufficient spot as support, many important customers will be lost on the one hand, because it is difficult to continue the negotiation. On the other hand, under the condition of insufficient goods, once There are customer orders and the delivery cycle is long. If it takes a long time for an order to reach the customer, the customer’s buying experience will be very bad. After the equipment upgrade and transformation, the monthly output can be It has reached the ton level and the shipment is very timely, so there is no need to worry about this.

3. Can a trial package be provided

As the saying goes, soldiers who don’t want to be generals are not good soldiers. Manufacturers who cannot provide TRIS trial kits are not good manufacturers. Only with good product quality can you be very confident to tell you that if you have doubts about product quality, you can Try it first. If you try it well, you will naturally come to order in large quantities. If the quality of the product itself is problematic, who will shoot yourself in the foot, so whether you can provide a trial package is also a very critical point.

The editor of Desheng has finished talking about the necessary purchase guide for biological buffer TRIS. Desheng is a professional TRIS manufacturer, committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, which can meet the needs of R&D customers for product types, packaging, With special requirements for purity, the current daily output has reached the ton level, and the stock is sufficient. The quality has been trusted by customers. Trial kits can also be provided according to customer needs. Desheng recommends that you must choose TRIS reagents with reliable quality. After all, biological buffers In the experiment, the proportion of cost is small but very important.