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Sodium citrate is an organic compound with white to colorless crystals in appearance. Odorless, cool, salty and spicy. It is stable in normal temperature and air, slightly soluble in humid air, and weathering in hot air. It loses crystal water when heated to 150℃. It is easily soluble in water, soluble in glycerin, hardly soluble in alcohols and other organic solvents. It decomposes by overheating. It is slightly deliquescence in humid environment and slightly weathered in hot air. The pH value of the solution is about 8.

Product characteristics of Desheng sodium citrate

Sodium citrate is currently the most important citrate. It is mainly produced by fermenting starch materials to produce citric acid and then neutralizing them with alkali materials. Sodium citrate produced by Desheng has the following excellent properties:

(1) Since the raw materials for preparing sodium citrate basically come from food, it is safe and reliable, and will not harm human health. The United Nations Food and Agriculture and the World Health Organization do not impose any restrictions on their daily intake.

(2) It has strong metal ion complexing ability. Sodium citrate has good complexing ability to Ca2+, Mg2+ and other metal ions, and it also has good complexing ability to other metal ions, such as Fe2+ ions. It is precisely because of this characteristic that sodium citrate is used in medical applications as Anticoagulants are widely used.

(3) It has excellent solubility, and the solubility increases with the increase of water temperature.

(4) It has good pH adjustment and buffering performance. Sodium citrate is a weak acid and strong base salt. It can be combined with citric acid to form a strong pH buffer. Therefore, it has important uses in some occasions that are not suitable for large-scale pH changes. In addition, sodium citrate also has excellent retarding performance and stability.

What are the applications of sodium citrate

Food Application

Sodium citrate can be used in the food industry due to its non-toxicity, pH adjustment performance and good stability. Sodium citrate is used as a food additive and has the greatest demand. It is mainly used as a flavoring agent, buffer, emulsifier, expansion agent, stabilizer and preservative, etc.; in addition, sodium citrate is compatible with citric acid for various jams, Gelling agent, nutritional supplement and flavoring agent for jelly, fruit juice, beverage, cold drink, dairy products and cakes.

Medical Application

In medicine, sodium citrate is also widely used. Utilizing the properties of citrate and calcium ions to form a soluble complex, it can be used as an anticoagulant and blood transfusion agent to preserve and process blood products. Sodium citrate is used as a preservative and used to preserve syrups and other medicines. When sodium citrate is injected, it is used to correct the acidity of blood, body fluids and urine, as a diuretic, phlegm, etc., just like potassium salt. Sodium citrate can be used to extract and purify animal liver ribonucleic acid in combination with other reagents.

Chemical Application

Sodium citrate has the characteristics of good water solubility, excellent chelating ability to metal ions such as Ca2+ and Mg2+ in water, biodegradation, strong dispersion ability and anti-redeposition ability, so it is gradually becoming a substitute for sodium tripolyphosphate It is used to produce non-phosphorus washing powder, especially non-phosphorus liquid detergent. Adding a certain amount of sodium citrate to the detergent can significantly increase the decontamination ability of the detergent.

Desheng Chemical is located in Gedian Development Zone, Ezhou City, Hubei Province, close to Wuhan. It is a professional diagnostic reagent research and development manufacturer. Sodium citrate is only one of the additives for blood collection tubes. Other products include EDTA-K2, serum separation gel, lithium heparin, Heparin sodium, etc., is committed to the blood collection additive industry, adhering to providing customers with high-quality products and services, and looking forward to your visit and cooperation.