Application of platelet-rich plasma in cosmetic medicine

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Treatment Scope of PRP Injection Cosmetic Technology

1. Wrinkles: forehead wrinkles, Sichuan wrinkles, crow's tail wrinkles, eye wrinkles, nasal dorsal wrinkles, statutory wrinkles, mouth wrinkles, neck wrinkles;

2. Facial skin is loose, rough and dull.

3. Acne marks, depressions and large pore caused by acne;

4. Improve pigmentation, pigmentation changes (spots), sunburn, erythema and chloasma after inflammation.

5. Coarse pore and telangiectasia;

6. Eye bags and dark circles;

7. Labial enlargement and facial tissue loss;

8. Allergic skin.

PRP injection procedure

In the first step of PRP injection, venous blood was directly mixed with the reagent in the closed test tube and treated for 10-15 minutes to prepare pale yellow autologous plasma containing 8 growth factors.

The second step of PRP injection: Choose the place needed for injection wrinkle removal.

Step 3 of PRP injection: Ice for 20-40 minutes after injection. PRP injection only takes one to one time to complete.

Matters needing attention

(1) Within a few days after injection, slight swelling and bruising may occur at the injection site, which is a normal phenomenon. Generally, it can subside in about three days without tension.

(2) Avoid taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antipyretics and analgesics, such as aspirin, fenbid, and votalin, within 15 days of treatment.

(3) Do not swim or sauna for one week after treatment.

(4) Please advise your diet. Do not drink, eat seafood or irritant food for one week after treatment. Special reminder

There are several cases that can not accept PRP cosmetology: 1. platelet dysfunction syndrome; 2. fibrin synthesis disorder; 3. unstable hemodynamics; 4. septicemia;

(5) Acute and chronic infections;

(6) Chronic liver disease;

(7) Patients undergoing anticoagulation therapy.

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