Hubei Tongcheng assisted a number of “energy-saving glass” group standards review meeting successfully held

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  On December 15, 2018, the China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association Standardization Technical Committee organized a group standard review meeting for “Technical Conditions for High Performance Energy Saving Glass” and “Glass for Passive Ultra Low Energy Building Transparent Part” in Xianning, Hubei. Executive Vice President of China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association, Chairman of Standardization Technical Committee Zhang Yiheng, Deputy Chairman and Secretary General of Standardization Technical Committee Li Hui, Glass Association related experts, invited production enterprises, testing units and user representatives, standard drafting group Twenty-seven people, including representatives of staff, participating units and staff of the Association Secretariat, attended the meeting. The meeting was co-organized by Hubei Tongcheng High-tech Materials Co., Ltd., and Ding Xiaochang, director of the Secretariat of the Insulating Glass Professional Committee, presided over the meeting.
  At the beginning of the meeting, Zhang Yiheng, executive vice president of the Glass Association and director of the Standardization Technical Committee, delivered an important speech and made important instructions for the review of the group standard “to formulate high-quality, high-standard group logos and truly play a leading role in the development of the industry. ”。
  Yu Xiaoyu, deputy general manager of Hubei Tongcheng High-tech Materials Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on behalf of the co-organizers, and extended a warm welcome to the leaders and experts, and wished the meeting a complete success.
  Under the joint efforts of the participating experts, after a day of intense deliberation, the standard review was completed according to the established plan, and a consensus resolution was reached. In the drafting process, the group standard standards of “Technical Conditions for High-Performance Energy-Saving Glass” and “Glass for Passive Ultra-low-Energy Building Transparent Part” were extensively solicited and absorbed in various aspects. The review materials submitted by the standards preparation team are complete and the technical contents are detailed. Science, standards in the data are accurate, test methods are reasonable, standards are in line with current laws, regulations, regulations and related standards. According to the technical indicators of similar products at home and abroad, the experts of the review team unanimously agreed that the group standards of “Technical Conditions for High Performance Energy-Saving Glass” and “Glass for Passive Ultra-low Energy Building Transparent Part” have reached the domestic advanced level. It is recommended that the Association adopt this standard as The recommended group standards will be reported as soon as possible, and strive to be promulgated and implemented as soon as possible to lead the healthy development of the industry.
  The group standard project of “Technical Conditions for High-Performance Energy-Saving Glass” and “Glass for Passive Ultra-low-Energy Building Transparent Part” successfully passed the review of experts and the meeting was a complete success.