Problems that should be paid attention to when transporting biochemical reagents

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Biological reagents refer to biological materials or organic compounds related to life science research, as well as reagents used in clinical diagnosis and medical research. Many chemical reagents are corrosive, flammable, and toxic. Therefore, failure to pay attention to safety during transportation and storage may cause accidents and cause personal and property losses. In order to ensure safety, the chemical reagents need to pay attention to several points during the transportation process:

Precautions for transportation and biochemical reagents

1. When transporting reagents at room temperature, ice is not required. For reagents that require refrigeration, when transporting biochemical reagents on ice, there must be a spacer between the reagent and the ice, and the reagents should not be directly contacted. If a box is added to the outside of the reagent, and ice is added to the outside of the box, basically ice cubes are used, and ice formed with water cannot be used directly, because the ice will form water after melting, which will easily contaminate the reagent. The amount of ice cubes added is not strictly limited, and it is better that the reagent is surrounded by ice cubes.

2.The storage conditions of biological reagents are also very strict, otherwise it is easy to lose activity. It is recommended to use ice cubes instead of crushed ice when transporting. The main reasons: the temperature of crushed ice is high, while the temperature of ice cubes is lower; ice cubes can keep low temperature for a longer period of time; crushed ice easily turns into water.

3. Don't underestimate the amount of biological reagents. Many antibody reagents and enzyme reagents are very expensive, and can reach several thousand yuan/mg (that is, several hundred per kilogram, tens of millions of yuan), and the storage conditions are also very strict , Otherwise it is easy to lose activity. It is recommended to use ice cubes instead of crushed ice when transporting, because the temperature of crushed ice is high, while the temperature of ice cubes is lower. In addition, ice cubes can maintain a low temperature state for a longer time, and it is not easy to inactivate enzymes. The reason is because crushed ice easily turns into water.

4.Pay attention to fire prevention during transportation. Fire prevention work must be done during transportation. Smoking is prohibited near the carriages and transport vehicles, and not near open flames, high temperature and sun exposure. The ground wire must be bottomed during transportation to prevent static electricity.

Transportation stability requirements of biochemical reagents

The transportation stability evaluation is based on the understanding of the actual transportation conditions of the reagent (such as transportation time, expected temperature and humidity) to simulate the transportation conditions and store the product to evaluate the stability of the product. The study of transportation stability should comply with the current regulatory requirements for the management of cold chain transportation of biochemical reagents. The conditions that are mainly considered in the investigation of transportation stability are: extreme temperature conditions, temperature cycle conditions, shock and oscillation, pressure and humidity, etc. Manufacturers can track and record the logistics and transportation of biochemical reagent products on the spot to provide a reference for the determination of the simulated transportation mode. Refer to the relevant testing methods in the product technical requirements to test the products, and all indicators should meet the performance indicators in the proposed technical requirements. .

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