What are the benefits of free DNA preservation solution?

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Free DNA preservation solution is a special buffer used to preserve DNA samples. Its main function is to prevent DNA degradation and damage, ensuring the stability and integrity of DNA samples. It plays an important role in biomedical research, clinical diagnosis, and forensic science. Below is a detailed introduction to the benefits of free DNA preservation solution.

1Preventing DNA degradation and damage

Free DNA preservation solution contains specific buffering agents and antioxidants, which can effectively protect DNA from external factors such as oxidation, enzymatic hydrolysis, temperature changes, etc. These factors often lead to DNA degradation and damage, thereby affecting the accuracy and reliability of experimental results. Using it can greatly maintain the integrity of DNA and ensure the stability of preserved samples.

2Convenient long-term storage of samples

Free DNA preservation solution provides a convenient method for long-term preservation of DNA samples. Compared to traditional cryopreservation methods, using it can save the complex conditions of low-temperature preservation and reduce equipment and cost investment. At the same time, the temperature conditions of the free DNA preservation solution are broad, and only needs to be stored at room temperature. For example, storing free DNA in blood at 4-37 ℃ can last up to 14 days, making sample storage and transportation more convenient and efficient.

3Improving the Repeatability of Experiments

DNA often needs to be extracted and analyzed multiple times during the experimental process, and the use of free DNA preservation solution can ensure that each extracted DNA sample has the same quality and integrity, thereby improving the repeatability of the experiment. This is particularly important for scientific research and medical diagnosis, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of experimental results.

4Protecting precious samples

In some cases, sample resources may be very limited and precious, such as tissue samples from patients with rare diseases, ancient Genetic material in archaeology, etc. The use of free DNA preservation solution can greatly protect these precious samples, avoid sample loss or degradation caused by improper storage conditions, and ensure the long-term preservation and full utilization of samples.

Free DNA preservation solution, as a special buffer, has significant advantages in protecting the integrity and stability of DNA samples. Therefore, using it can ensure the accuracy and reliability of experiments and diagnosis, providing important support for biomedical research and clinical diagnosis.

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