What is the pH range of CAPS buffer?

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CAPS buffer (3- Cyclohexylamine propane sulfonic acid) is an important biochemical buffer, which is widely used in the fields of biology and molecular biology. Its unique properties enable it to have excellent buffering ability under specific conditions. What is its pH buffer range? Below, we will delve into the pH range of CAPS buffer and its application in biological experiments.

1Chemical properties of CAPS buffer

The chemical formula of CAPS buffer is C9H19NO3S, with a relative molecular weight of 221.32 g/mol. It is a white crystalline powder that is easily soluble in water but insoluble in organic solvents. Due to the fact that CAPS buffer is an alkaline buffer, it has good biocompatibility with organisms and can be applied more safely in biological experiments.

2PH range of CAPS buffer

The PH range of CAPS buffer is usually between pH 9.7-11.1, which makes it suitable for some specific biological experiments, such as electrophoretic separation and Protein purification, because these experiments need to be conducted at a higher PH value. Meanwhile, CAPS buffer has good stability and buffering performance within this pH range, and its high pH value enables CAPS buffer to better maintain protein and enzyme activity, thus obtaining more accurate results in biological experiments.

3Application of CAPS buffer

(1) SDS-PAGE electrophoresis: CAPS buffer is often used as electrophoresis buffer in SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis. Because its PH range is suitable for electrophoresis experiments, it can help proteins get better separation in gel.

(2) Waterborne coatings: Due to its long-term stable coexistence with active DNA containing resins at room temperature, it is suitable for water-based coatings. In addition, it can react with aliphatic polyisocyanates and can be used as a good emulsifier.

(3) Biochemical diagnostic kit: It can be used as a buffer for enzyme chemistry and HPLC separation of alkaline drugs in DNA, RNA extraction kits and PCR diagnostic kits, and can also play a role in the membrane transfer process of protein sequencing.

CAPS buffer, as an excellent biological buffer, has good buffering ability in the high pH range, making it widely used in specific biological experiments. With the continuous development of biochemical research, the application prospects of CAPS buffer will be broader, providing more powerful support for biological and medical research.

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