How to choose the product you need in the wide variety of carbomer models?

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Carbomer has a wide range of applications and can be used in topical lotions, creams, and gels. The carbomer gel system is an excellent gel matrix in a neutral environment. It has a crystal clear appearance and a smooth feel. It is very suitable for the preparation of creams or gels. At the same time, due to the simple process and good stability, it feels comfortable after use. Therefore, it is widely used in topical administration, especially in skin and ophthalmic gels.

Carbomer has a variety of products of different models, including Carbopol 941, 934, 934 P, 940, 980 and other polymers. Different types of carbomers are used in various industries due to their different suspension stability characteristics, fluidity change length and other properties. This caused us to have a lot of problems when purchasing carbomer raw materials, and did not know how to choose the model we needed. Now I will help you solve this problem.

Carbomer Gel

  1. Carbomer 941 is characterized by long rheology, low viscosity and high clarity, medium ion resistance and shear resistance. It is mainly used for external administration, suitable for external transdermal preparations and has high transparency, Emulsion stabilizer for low-viscosity gel, as well as daily washing and cosmetics.
  2. Carbomer 934 features good thickening effect, permanent stability at high viscosity, and short flow in aqueous solution. Mainly used in local drug delivery systems, suitable for high-concentration gels, emulsions, and suspensions.
  3. Carbomer 934P is characterized by permanent stability at high viscosity. Due to the trace amount of residual solvent, it is more suitable for oral preparations. Mainly used in oral, topical preparations, new drug delivery systems (such as controlled release matrix tablets), its advantages are: (1) linear drug release (zero-order release kinetics), (2) increase bioavailability, (3) Low dosage supports slow release (4) cost savings, (5) increase the selectivity of formulations, (6) can reduce tablet volume.
  4. Carbomer 940 has the characteristics of short rheology, high viscosity and high clarity. Mainly used in external preparations, suitable for the preparation of gels, creams, and coupling agents. Application in topical gels: ophthalmic gels, skin gels, dental gels, oral gels, and disposable disinfectant gels; applications in bioadhesive preparations: Bioadhesive preparations for nasal cavity, oral or oral bioadhesive preparations, and vaginal bioadhesive preparations; application in oral protein and polypeptide drug delivery systems; application in slow and controlled release preparations; Application in transdermal preparations; application in other preparations.
  5. Carbomer 980 is characterized by good thickening performance, high transparency, high viscosity, strong suspension capacity, short rheological carbomer of co-solvent system, and excellent suspension stability. The main characteristics are swelling and slightly acidic. Used in the preparation of leather and some high-end products finishing agent, the preparation of acrylic resin paint, etc. Used to fix chromium salt, assist tanning, reduce chromium pollution, etc. Used to improve the processing performance of PVC. Use as corrosion inhibitor, water stabilizer, quenching agent, thickener, etc. Use as leather finishing filler, textile slurry Chemicalbook and water stabilizer. Used in the manufacture of acrylic resin paints. It can be used as a film-forming agent and adhesive in leather finishing agents. It is also used in the manufacture of polyacrylic resin latex paint. It is widely used in light leather such as surface leather, clothing leather and glove leather. Decoration can enhance the bending resistance, extensibility, light resistance, aging resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance of leather. It is the main modification film-forming agent used with pigment paste to modify grain leather. It is mostly used in the manufacture of cosmetics, as an ointment can promote the absorption of yellow mold gray mold, and can be used for controlled release of drugs.

Carbomer 940 and 980 produced by Desheng have good gelling, viscosity, thickening, emulsifying, suspending and film-forming properties, and their chemical properties are stable and safe.