Government leaders of Gedian Economic Development Zone in Ezhou came to our company to carry out enterprise double-thousand activities

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On the morning of April 17, Zou Xia, the head of the United Front Work Department of the Standing Committee of the Ezhou Municipal Party Committee, went to the Gedian Economic Development Zone in Ezhou to carry out the "Thousands of Cadres Entering Thousand Enterprises" activity. On-site understanding of the company's prevention and control measures for the epidemic situation, resumption of production and other aspects of the situation and the company's existing problems.

The leader asked whether the epidemic had too much impact on the market? How to carry out prevention and control work? "Hubei Xindesheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development, production and sales of blood test reagents. At present, the company has two major series of products, blood pretreatment reagents and materials series and blood diagnostic reagents material series. The inspection leaders learned about the company Regarding the epidemic, no layoffs, no production cuts, during this period, we also urgently developed three new products of Virus Transport Media, carbomer and rapid blood coagulant. During the difficult period, Desheng Company faced the epidemic, The behavior of not being unreliable and courageous to assume social responsibility is appreciated, encouraging enterprises to accelerate the development of new products and making positive contributions to winning the epidemic and blocking the war, protecting the lives and health of the people.

 Picture: The third one on the left is led by Zou Xia, and the first one on the right is the general manager of Desheng Wang Zhongxi

At present, the Virus Transport Media has been successfully developed and is specially used for virus preservation tubes. It can be widely used in the collection, preservation and transportation of RNA viruses such as new coronavirus, hand-foot-mouth disease and influenza. Carbomer is a very important kind of rheology regulator. Carbomer after neutralization is an excellent gel matrix, which has important uses such as thickening and suspension. The process is simple and the stability is good. It is widely used in emulsion, cream and gel. Now these two products are gradually being introduced to the market.

The research team highly commended Desheng's courage to take social responsibilities and develop new products in difficult times to contribute to the safety of society and human life. We will not live up to the expectations of the government and leaders. We will continue to develop and research advanced biochemical reagents in the field of medical testing to meet the needs of the development of global medical testing technology and strive for human health.