Can lithium heparin tubes be used to check blood routine?

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Blood routine is a routine clinical examination that provides important information about an individual's health status by quantitatively measuring various components in the blood. During the blood collection process, different blood collection vessel materials may have an impact on the stability and quality of blood samples. Heparin lithium is widely used as an anticoagulant, and heparin lithium tubes are anticoagulant tubes made by combining heparin with lithium salts, and their applicability in blood routine tests has been widely discussed. Next, we will discuss the use of heparin lithium tubes in blood routine examinations, including their advantages, limitations, and how to use them correctly.

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The characteristics and functions of heparin lithium tubes

Heparin is a natural anticoagulant with high anticoagulant activity. By binding with coagulation factors in the blood, it inhibits the production and activity of thrombin, thereby preventing blood clotting. Due to its ability to maintain the integrity of cellular components in the blood and its ability to be tested immediately after collection and processing, it is widely used in clinical laboratory testing. In heparin lithium tubes, lithium salts and heparin work together to ensure the anticoagulant effect of the blood sample while maintaining its stability.

The application of heparin lithium tube in blood routine examination

Due to its excellent anticoagulant performance and stability, heparin lithium tubes can be widely used in blood routine tests. Lithium heparin tubes can be used to collect and process venous blood samples for routine blood tests such as whole blood cell count (CBC), hematocrit, and white blood cell classification.

The advantages of heparin lithium tubes in blood routine examination

1. Effective anticoagulant effect: One of the main advantages of heparin lithium tubes is their powerful anticoagulant effect. When the blood comes into contact with heparin lithium, it quickly reacts with coagulation factors, effectively preventing blood coagulation and maintaining the original state of the blood sample.

2. Suitable for various blood analyses: Lithium heparin tubes are not only suitable for routine blood tests, but can also be used for various other blood analyses, such as blood biochemistry and blood gas analysis, making them a multifunctional blood collection material in clinical laboratories.

3. Convenient for large-scale blood collection: The use of heparin lithium tubes makes large-scale blood collection more convenient. When a large number of samples need to be collected for clinical research or testing, heparin lithium tubes can provide efficient anticoagulant effects.

Limitations of heparin lithium tubes in blood routine examination

1. Affects the determination of certain indicators: The use of heparin lithium tubes in blood routine tests may affect the measurement results of certain indicators, such as low platelet count, which may be affected by the anticoagulant effect of heparin.

2. High price: Compared to some conventional blood collection tubes, lithium heparin tubes are more expensive. In some laboratories or medical institutions, considering cost factors, other types of blood collection tubes may be chosen.

3. Restrictions on the use of heparin for special populations: Due to the anticoagulant effect of heparin, there may be certain restrictions on the use of heparin lithium tubes for certain special populations, such as pregnant women, infants, etc.

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Precautions for Proper Use of Heparin Lithium Tube

1. Choose the appropriate tube type according to experimental needs: When using heparin lithium tubes for blood routine examination, choose the appropriate tube type according to the specific needs of the experiment, and different tube types are suitable for different experimental projects.

2. Strictly follow the instructions for use: To ensure the safety and accuracy of the blood collection process, users should carefully read the instructions for using heparin lithium tubes and strictly follow the requirements for operation, including the correct blood collection sequence, mixing blood, and other steps.

3. Pay attention to the duration of anticoagulant effect: The anticoagulant effect of heparin lithium tubes is not permanent and has certain limitations on its duration. After collecting blood samples, corresponding experiments should be conducted as soon as possible within 6 hours to ensure the effectiveness of anticoagulant effect.

Lithium heparin tubes, as a common material for blood collection, have significant advantages in routine blood tests. Its powerful anticoagulant effect allows blood samples to remain liquid, making it suitable for various blood analyses. As a manufacturer of blood vessel additives, Desheng can supply high content heparin lithium raw material powder, which can be prepared when in use. It is convenient and simple, and the manufacturer's supply is stable, with no shortage or shortage. If you are interested, please feel free to click the website to consult us at any time!