How to reduce non-specific adsorption of serum separation gel

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Serum separation gel plays an important role in blood separation and analysis, and its biocompatibility characteristics are of great significance in reducing non-specific adsorption. This article will provide a detailed introduction to how serum separation gel reduces non-specific adsorption, and explain its mechanism of action and application prospects.


Non specific adsorption refers to the interaction between non target molecules and solid-phase surfaces during immunoassay or biomolecular interaction studies. This non-specific adsorption can lead to bias and inaccuracy in experimental results, therefore reducing non-specific adsorption is an important task in the experimental process.

Serum separation gel

The characteristics of serum separation gel and its relationship with reducing non-specific adsorption

1. Biocompatibility: Serum separation gel has good biocompatibility, which can reduce the interaction with blood components, thereby reducing the risk of non-specific adsorption.

2. Low immunogenicity: The low immunogenicity of serum separation gel can reduce the occurrence of immune reactions, thereby reducing the possibility of non-specific adsorption.

3. Surface properties: The surface properties of serum separation gel can affect its interaction with blood components, and optimizing surface properties can reduce non-specific adsorption.

A method for reducing non-specific adsorption using serum separation gel

1. Surface modification: Through surface modification techniques such as introducing biomolecules and changing surface charges, non-specific adsorption on the surface of serum separation gel can be reduced.

2. Choose appropriate materials: Choosing materials with low immunogenicity and good biocompatibility to make serum separation gel can further reduce the risk of non-specific adsorption.

3. Optimization of preparation process: By optimizing the preparation process, such as controlling crosslinking density and introducing anti non-specific adsorbents, the performance of serum separation gel can be improved and non-specific adsorption can be reduced.

The application prospects of serum separation gel in reducing non-specific adsorption

With the increasing demand for accuracy and reliability in blood analysis in clinical laboratories, reducing non-specific adsorption has become an important research task. Serum isolation gels with good biocompatibility and low immunogenicity will play an important role in clinical laboratories. In the future, with the continuous progress of technology and the increasing demand for applications, we believe that the performance of serum separation gel will be further optimized and improved, providing more accurate and efficient blood analysis solutions for clinical laboratories. Meanwhile, with the deepening of research in the biomedical field, serum separation gels will also play an important role in the study of biomolecular interactions, drug screening, and other fields.


Serum separation gel can effectively reduce the risk of non-specific adsorption through its advantages in biocompatibility, low immunogenicity, and surface properties. By surface modification, selecting appropriate materials, and optimizing the preparation process, the performance of serum separation gel can be further improved, meeting the requirements of clinical laboratories for accuracy and reliability of blood analysis. With the continuous progress of technology and the increasing demand for applications, the application prospects of serum separation gel in clinical laboratories and other fields will be even broader.

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