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In modern medical and biological research, serum is a valuable sample that contains a large amount of biological information and can be used for diagnosis, monitoring, and understanding of various diseases. However, before using serum for scientific experiments and clinical testing, it is usually necessary to separate the blood sample to obtain a clear serum sample, excluding blood cells. Serum separation gel is a key tool in this process, which can effectively separate serum and maintain its quality. Desheng, a serum separation gel factory, is an important participant in this reagent, providing reliable support for laboratory research.

Serum separating gel

The Importance of Serum Separation gel

In medical diagnosis, the presence and severity of certain diseases can be detected by testing serum samples. However, serum is contained in blood cells. In order to analyze serum samples accurately, these blood cell components need to be separated. Generally, separation gel is used to complete this process. The separation of gel forms a physical barrier in the process of centrifugation. After centrifugation, plasma and blood cells are separated to obtain effective serum samples, which is conducive to subsequent experiments.

Serum separation gel factory - Desheng

Serum separation gel factory - Desheng is a company with a high reputation in the field of biochemical reagents, specializing in the manufacture and supply of separation gel products. Its products are widely used in clinical medicine and basic biomedical research, ensuring that researchers can effectively complete experiments. The following are some characteristics of Desheng, a serum separation gel factory:

1. Rich product series: they provide various specifications and types of separation gel to meet the needs of different laboratories. Whether it is small-scale research or large-scale experiments, suitable products can be found.

2. High quality standard: all separated gel products have undergone strict quality control, such as: the specific gravity is between 1.045-1.065g/cm3, ensuring its overturning performance and reliability, and helping to obtain accurate experimental results.

3. Customized service: customized separation gel products can be provided according to the special needs of customers, such as special gravity, used in PRP separation hose, and packed separately according to customer requirements.

4. Professional support: Desheng has a professional team and long-term cooperation with renowned university professors. It can provide timely technical support and experimental suggestions to customers, which is beneficial for researchers who are not familiar with the serum separation process.

5. Use guidance: When selecting a suitable serum separation gel, you need to consider the centrifugation speed, centrifugation time, and centrifugation temperature. The professional team of Desheng can provide guidance according to your experimental needs to ensure that the selected gel products give full play to their superior performance.

Product packaging

Serum separation gel plays an important role in clinical experiments. Through the separated serum samples, related diseases can be diagnosed and prevented in time. Desheng is not only the source supplier of serum separation gel, but also the manufacturer of blood collection vessel additives. Its production process is extremely strict. From raw materials to finished products, each stage will undergo quality inspection, and the production process of serum separation gel follows strict standard operating procedures to ensure that each batch conforms to one standard. No matter in which field, Desheng is a worthy partner to cooperate with. Interested parties are welcome to call or click on the website at any time to inquire about details!