What is the proportion of tris hydrochloric acid preparation?

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Tris is a very important buffer that is widely used in biochemical and molecular biology experiments. It has weak alkalinity and can be used to adjust the pH value of the experimental system and maintain the stability of the reaction. Tris is soluble in water, and for most biochemical experiments, pH ranges between 7.0 and 9.2 are commonly used. Tris hydrochloric acid is prepared on the basis of Tris, and in order to use Tris hydrochloric acid correctly, it is necessary to understand the proportion and steps of its preparation. Let's take a look together.

Preparation materials: Tris alkaline powder, hydrochloric acid (HCl), double distilled water (or deionized pure water)

Configuration steps:

1. Safety measures: Before starting the operation, please wear laboratory safety glasses and gloves to prevent potential chemical splashes.

2. Determine the required pH value: It is necessary to determine the target pH value required for the experiment and select an appropriate Tris buffer system according to the requirements.

3. Calculate the required amount: Use the following calculation formula to calculate the required amount of Tris alkaline powder and hydrochloric acid. The ratio of Tris to hydrochloric acid is generally 1:9 or 1:10. The specific calculation formula is as follows:

Tris alkaline powder (g)=required concentration (mol/L) ×  Volume (liters) ×  Molecular weight (g/mol)/Alkaline powder purity

Hydrochloric acid (mL)=required concentration (mol/L) ×  Volume (liters) ×  Molar concentration of hydrochloric acid (mol/L)/purity of hydrochloric acid

4. Sampling: Use a balance to weigh the required amount of Tris alkaline powder, and be careful to ensure accurate weighing to obtain accurate pH values in the later stage.

5. Preparation of Tris buffer: Add half of the double distilled water to a clean container, then add the weighed Tris alkaline powder to the container and stir thoroughly to help Tris completely dissolve.

6. Adjust pH value: Slowly adjust the pH value of the solution using hydrochloric acid. After adding a small amount of hydrochloric acid each time, stir and measure the pH value until the target pH is reached.

7. Volume: Once the target pH is reached, use double distilled water to add the solution volume to the desired volume.

8. Mix well: Gently mix the solution to ensure the Tris buffer is mixed.

9. Storage: Store the prepared Tris buffer in an appropriate container, indicating the pH value and preparation date. If it needs to be stored, it should be stored in a refrigerator below 4 ° C to extend its stability, but it should be used up as soon as possible within 1 week.

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