Where do I sell regular luminol (luminol) reagents?

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In the field of chemical experimental research, luminol (luminescent ammonia) reagent is a widely used chemical reagent, particularly of great significance in fluorescence detection and chemiluminescence experiments. As a highly sensitive reagent, Luminol often appears in crime scene trace testing, biological research, and environmental testing. Since its frequency is high, there are naturally more sellers on the market. So where does a legitimate supplier of Luminol (luminescent ammonia) reagents exist? Let's take a look now.

1、 Luminol (Luminol) application field

First of all, if you want to know where to sell legitimate luminol (luminescent ammonia) reagents, you need to know where their application areas are. Usually, Lumino is applied in the following three areas:

1. Crime scene trace inspection: At a crime scene, Luminol (luminol) reagent can be used to detect blood stains hidden on the surface. When it reacts with oxygen and iron ions in the blood, it produces strong fluorescence, which can detect traces that are difficult for the human eye to detect.

2. Biological research: In biological research, it can be used to detect redox reactions and enzyme activity. Because it emits fluorescence in the presence of active oxides or enzymes in vitro or in vivo, it helps to understand the activity of cells and biomolecules.

3. Environmental testing: Luminol (luminescent ammonia) can also be applied to environmental testing, such as detecting active oxides such as hydrogen peroxide in water.

2、 Desheng sells legitimate reagents

As a legitimate supplier of Luminol reagents, Desheng provides high-quality raw materials to meet different experimental needs. As a professional chemical reagent manufacturer, it is committed to the research and production of various chemical reagents. In addition to luminol, there are also various luminescent reagents such as luminol sodium salt, monosodium salt, acridine ester, etc. Adhering to the principle of quality first, it ensures the superiority of the provided reagents in the experimental process.

3、 Purchasing channels for Luminol (Luminol) reagents

Of course, you can also purchase through various other channels, such as contacting relevant personnel through the official website or phone, to obtain detailed information about Luminol reagent, including product specifications, usage instructions, prices, etc.

Regardless of which channel to choose, when purchasing, it is important to choose products provided through legitimate channels to prevent the purchase of counterfeit or inferior products. At the same time, attention should be paid to understanding the storage conditions of the products, so as not to cause secondary losses during transportation and storage.

As a professional supplier, Desheng has certain advantages in providing high-quality Luminol reagents. If you have any related needs, you can contact Desheng personnel at any time to purchase!