Introduction to MOPSO Sodium Salt

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1. Basic information on MOPSO sodium salt

MOPSO sodium salt is a derivative of the biological buffering agent MOPS, commonly known as 3- (N-morpholinyl) propanesulfonic acid sodium salt in Chinese, with CAS number 71119-22-7. It is also a type of biological buffering agent, with an effective buffering range of 6.5-7.9. The appearance is white powder, and it needs to be prepared as a solution when used. It is very similar to MOPS buffer in appearance and use, but the use effect is more superior.

2. Application of MOPSO sodium salt

Due to its basic non permeability to cell membranes, MOPSO sodium salt is very suitable for cell culture and is a commonly used biological buffer in cell culture media; And it does not undergo complex reactions with most metal ions, and is also commonly used as a buffer in metal ion solutions. MOPSO sodium salt can also be used as buffer solution in chromatographic protein purification analysis and RNA separation in agarose gel.

3. Preparation method of MOPSO sodium salt

Preparing 1L of MOPSO sodium salt solution requires 231.25 grams of MOPSO sodium salt powder, 750ml of distilled water, and an appropriate amount of concentrated sulfuric acid. The vessel requires a beaker, stirring rod, etc. Firstly, 231.25 grams of MOPSO sodium salt powder need to be dissolved in 750ml of distilled water, and then adjusted to the desired pH using concentrated sulfuric acid. Then, distilled water is added to a constant volume of 1L, and the MOPSO sodium salt solution is filtered and disinfected.

4. Precautions for using MOPSO sodium salt

Firstly, when configuring MOPSO sodium salt solution, it is necessary to use concentrated sulfuric acid to adjust the pH value. Concentrated sulfuric acid has a strong irritant effect, so protective measures should be taken to prevent concentrated sulfuric acid and the prepared MOPSO sodium salt solution from coming into contact with the human body. Secondly, to ensure the stability of MOPSO powder or prepared MOPSO sodium salt solution, it is necessary to keep away from oxides during storage, and in addition, seal and store in a cool and dry place.

5. Manufacturer of MOPSO sodium salt

Hubei Xindesheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. is currently one of the reliable manufacturers in the market for producing MOPSO sodium salts. The various indicators and parameters of the products produced meet the standards for stable use, and relevant indicator tests will be conducted according to customer requirements. The MOPSO sodium salt produced by Desheng has high purity and good water solubility. If you have any recent purchasing needs, please click on the official website for inquiries or contact me!