Configuration Method of Biological Buffer—MOPS

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The full name of MOPS is 3-morpholinopropane sulfonic acid, CAS No.1132-61-2, which is a member of biological buffer. It can be used in biochemical diagnostic kit, DNA/RNA extraction kit and PCR diagnostic kit. It is a component of good's buffer for biological research.

The buffer range of MOPS is between 6.5~7.9, which is suitable for the study of electron transport and phosphorylation of chloroplast thin layer preparation. It can be made into various agar medium, and used as a non-toxic buffer in the limit medium for Streptomyces rodlike culture and cephalosporin production. It can be used as an electrolyte system component for two dimensional gel electrophoresis with medium intensity focused electrophoresis (IEF), and can also be applied to Northern. Hybridization, as a buffer for RNA separation and membrane transfer.


The commonly used configuration method of 10×MOPS buffer is as follows:

(1) Weigh 41.8 g of MOPS and dissolve in about 700ml of DEPC treated water;

(2) Adjust the pH value to 7.0 with 2N NaOH;

(3) Add 20 mL of 1M NaOAC and 0.5M EDTA (pH8.0) treated by DEPC to the solution;

(4) Constant volume to 1L, filter with 0.45μm filter membrane to remove impurities, store at room temperature in dark.

MOPS is a kind of amphoteric ion buffer solution. If the amount of each use is very small, it can be used after proper subpackage. Desheng can take measures to subpackage products according to customers' needs. The buffer solution will turn yellow when it sees light, light yellow can be used completely, and it is not suitable for use when the color is too deep. In the process of use, please pay attention to wearing experimental clothes and disposable gloves for safety and health. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water immediately and see a doctor immediately.

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