What is the use of TRIS cas77-86-1 in clinical practice?

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Tris has a CAS number of 77-86-1, and as the "leader" in the buffering agent family, its presence is always remembered when using buffer. Due to its buffering performance, it can be applied in multiple aspects, especially in clinical experiments. It can not only fully regulate pH and provide ion balance, but also be used as a solvent for nucleic acids and proteins. Below, we will focus on analyzing the clinical effects of tris buffer solution.

1、 Adjusting pH value

Its main function is to stabilize the pH value of the solution. In clinical experiments, many experiments need to be carried out within a specific pH range, such as blood biochemical analysis, Gel electrophoresis of proteins, etc. The use of Tris buffer can adjust the pH value of the sample to the required range to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the experimental results.

2、 Maintain ion balance

Tris buffer can also maintain ion balance, and in many clinical experiments, specific ion concentrations need to be maintained, such as serum protein electrophoresis, enzyme activity measurement, etc. The use of Tris buffer can maintain the stability of ion concentration.

3、 Diluted sample

It can also be used to dilute samples. In clinical experiments, it is often necessary to dilute the samples to a certain concentration range for easy detection or analysis. The use of Tris buffer not only dilutes the samples, but also does not affect the pH value and ion concentration to ensure that the experimental results do not deviate.

4、 Protective reagents

In some special experiments, reagents may lose activity or denaturation due to the influence of pH value and ion concentration. The use of Tris buffer can protect the reagents from these factors, maintain their stability, and facilitate testing.

Tris buffer has many benefits in clinical use, but sometimes it can cause losses due to improper storage or incorrect use, so it is necessary to pay attention to the details of use. The original Tris powder should be sealed and stored to prevent contamination and oxidation, while avoiding prolonged exposure to the air to avoid moisture absorption and degradation reactions that may affect performance.

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