Is sodium salt or potassium salt better for EDTA anticoagulant tubes? You can tell at a glance that

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In biochemical tests, blood sampling and processing are very important steps. Choosing appropriate anticoagulant reagents can greatly reduce interference, ensure the stability of blood sample components, and reduce the possibility of errors in experimental operations caused by inadequate blood sample processing. But because there are many types of anticoagulants, such as heparin salts, EDTA salts, citrate salts, etc., products will be separated separately among these types. For example, EDTA salts are divided into three types: EDTA dipotassium, tripotassium, and disodium. How should we use so many reagents of the same type? Which is better, potassium salt or sodium salt? To address this issue, let me introduce it to you in detail.

1Comparison of the use of EDTA sodium salt and EDTA potassium salt

In fact, these two are similar in terms of their effects on the blood, both of which can chelate with metal ions in the blood sample, but there are also some differences. Just as EDTA sodium salt is applied to blood collection vessels, it has a strong ability to separate metals and is generally used in experimental analysis of coordination titration to detect the content of metal ions. And because EDTA potassium salt can protect blood cell components from interference and does not affect the size of counting morphology, it is usually added to blood collection vessels for biochemical tests, such as blood routine, red blood cells, and platelets. From this perspective, the emphasis on using the two is different.

2Is EDTA potassium salt or sodium salt used for EDTA anticoagulant tubes

In fact, before EDTA potassium salt was officially prepared, most people chose to add EDTA sodium salt to anticoagulant tubes. However, now due to the appearance of EDTA potassium salt, it is basically no longer used. Why is this? In fact, it still needs to be seen from the perspective of performance, because EDTA potassium salt has a faster anticoagulation speed than EDTA sodium salt, and its solubility is significantly higher than sodium salt. This can ensure the ideal anticoagulation effect in clinical practice, so it is more valued.

3Selection of EDTA potassium salt and EDTA sodium salt

Although the use of EDTA sodium salt in anticoagulant tubes is not as good as that of EDTA potassium salt, it does not mean that it is useless. Sometimes, according to experimental requirements, if EDTA potassium salt does not meet the standards, EDTA sodium salt will also be used to complete the detection. These are all selected based on usage needs, and there is no distinction between who is better and who is not, except that they are used less frequently.

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