How much is heparin sodium per kilogram

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Heparin sodium is ubiquitous in daily life and is a white amorphous powder reagent that is easily soluble in water and chemically stable at room temperature. If you carefully observe, you will find that there is a significant difference in the price of one kilogram of heparin sodium on the market. When it comes to price differences, the first thing to mention is the measurement unit of heparin sodium - potency.

Bottled heparin sodium

Potency refers to the functional unit of a substance that causes a biological reaction, which is a marker of the quantity or activity of biological products. It is usually measured using biological methods and is a special measurement method. In short, the higher the potency of heparin sodium, the better its effectiveness and therefore the higher its price.

On the other hand, the factor that affects the price of heparin sodium is its grade. Different grades of heparin sodium have different uses and requirements for production processes, resulting in significant price differences. The price of heparin sodium for medical injection grade is higher than that of pure grade for vacuum blood sampling analysis and higher than that of cosmetic grade.

In addition, due to the fact that heparin sodium is mainly extracted from the small intestine mucosa of pigs, and the amount of heparin that can be extracted from the small intestine mucosa of pigs is very rare, sometimes only 1 kilogram of heparin can be extracted from the small intestine mucosa of 3000 pigs. When the price of pork fluctuates and adjusts, the price of heparin sodium will also fluctuate.

Finally, the selection of raw materials is also one of the important factors affecting the final price of heparin sodium. The quality requirements for heparin sodium used in the medical industry are higher, and some manufacturers choose imported raw materials. As a result, the price of heparin sodium is naturally higher than that of manufacturers using domestic raw materials.

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In addition, Desheng can also produce cosmetic grade heparin sodium, as well as a series of blood collection additives such as serum separation gel, EDTA anticoagulants, and coagulants, which can meet the one-stop purchasing experience of users and are highly recognized by them. If you want to learn more, please contact me!