Understanding the Importance of Anticoagulants in Blood Testing Projects in One Text per Second

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The blood testing project is a test conducted in vitro after collecting blood from the human body. Extracorporeal coagulation reaction is a balance reaction of the body. When blood leaves the body, the participation of auxiliary enzymes and calcium ions can cause the blood to coagulate. But when doing some blood tests, it is necessary to maintain the anticoagulant state of the blood, which requires the participation of blood anticoagulants to achieve.

Additives for blood collection

There are many types of anticoagulants, but their effects are all the same. When anticoagulants react with necessary participating factors in the coagulation process (such as coenzymes or calcium ions), the coagulation process loses the necessary conditions and is prevented. This ensures that the collected whole blood sample and its prepared plasma sample are in liquid state and will not coagulate.

Blood anticoagulants can be used for blood routine test, blood cell morphology test, hematocrit test, blood glucose test, reticulocyte count, blood gas analysis, electrolyte, calcium and other determinations. It is worth noting that the selection of anticoagulants in different blood analysis is often overlooked. In fact, selecting the correct anticoagulant can not only reduce the pressure on experimental equipment, facilitate the accuracy and stability of test results, but also minimize interference. Therefore, before testing, it is necessary to choose appropriate reagents according to your project needs for use.

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