How to permanently interfere with luminol

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Friends who enjoy watching suspense detective dramas are definitely familiar with the chemical Luminol. When the big detective in the TV series discovers suspected blood stains at the crime scene, he will take out the prepared Luminol solution and spray it on the suspicious area. The areas with blood stains will emit bright blue fluorescence. So how did the magical Lumino test for blood stains?

Luminol reaction

The principle is simply that when Luminol is oxidized, it emits blue fluorescence. When Luminol is used to test blood stains, it is usually mixed with hydrogen peroxide in proportion to form a solution. When sprayed on a bloodstained area, the iron element in the blood can catalyze the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water and monooxygen. Both monooxygen and hemoglobin in blood can promote luminol and emit blue fluorescence.

Lumino's luminescence reaction is very sensitive, even if it is a tenth of a thousand blood stains or blood stains that have been separated by several years, even if the scene has been cleared during the crime, blood stains that cannot be seen by the naked eye can be detected. Therefore, it is almost impossible to interfere with the luminol permanently, but the following situations can interfere with the luminol.

1. Luminol is unable to distinguish human blood or animal blood. In addition, excretion will also make Luminol emit blue fluorescence. However, luminol will not damage the DNA in the blood. Now developed medical inspection technology can easily distinguish human blood from other substances.

2. When the crime scene is treated with substances containing copper, copper alloys, horseradish, or bleach, it will cause Luminol to emit strong fluorescence, thus masking the presence of any blood stains. However, these effects on the luminol are short-lived. After the crime scene is dried for a few days, the interference of bleach on the luminol reaction will be greatly reduced.

3. When observing luminol, it needs a dark environment. Too bright environment affects the fluorescence emitted by luminol. And the time of Lumino's luminescence is very fast and brief, so if necessary, photos can be taken and recorded. Desheng specializes in producing Luminol reagents. If you are interested, please click on the official website to check!