How much do you know about SST serum separation tubes?

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The SST tube, also known as the "SST coagulant tube", contains two additives: coagulant and serum separation gel. It has strong physiological inertness and stable performance, and even at high temperatures, the internal structure of the test tube will not change. In clinical practice, the use of SST tubes is relatively frequent, but there are still some people who are not familiar with it. Therefore, the following will provide a detailed introduction to everyone.

1、 What is serum precipitation

Why introduce serum precipitation? In fact, this is closely related to the SST tube. Serum is usually another component left after blood clots, presenting a clear light yellow color. Most clinical biochemical experiments test serum to determine whether the body is abnormal based on its changes. The use of SST tubes can effectively separate and separate serum, improve detection efficiency, and provide convenience for medical staff.

2、 The role of serum separation gel in SST tubes

The SST tube contains serum separating gel. As a high molecular polymer, it has strong physiological inertia, accurate specific gravity, thixotropic property and hydrolysis resistance. After collecting blood samples on the SST tube and centrifuging them on the machine, it can form a barrier between blood cells and serum, allowing the test tube to present three parts in sequence: serum, separation gel, and plasma, fully ensuring the stability of the precipitated serum components without any changes.

3、 The role of coagulant in SST tubes

The SST tube contains a separation gel and also contains a coagulant, which can ensure that the blood can shorten the clotting time after full contact with the reagent, quickly obtain the serum, and analyze the results in a short period of time. However, there is another situation that needs to be noted, which is that SST tubes are divided into glass tubes and plastic tubes. Generally, glass tubes do not require the addition of coagulants, but plastic tubes require the addition of coagulants because plastic tubes have weaker ability to activate coagulation factors, and coagulants must be added to effectively promote blood serum precipitation and improve efficiency.

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