80% of people should know the composition of serum separation gel

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Serum separating gel, as a necessary reagent in vacuum tubes, has the advantages of rapid and accurate separation of serum and blood clots. In addition, due to its convenient operation, clean and safe operation, it ensures the accuracy of test results, and is widely used by major hospitals. Although it is frequently used, many people still do not know its components, so the following will focus on introducing this aspect to everyone.

In fact, it is mainly composed of polymer compounds, but due to the emergence of several different systems of products in the market, there are differences in their respective compositions.

1Silicone rubber composition

This is an early type of separation adhesive on the market, which is mainly composed of silicone rubber. When it was first produced, many of its performance indicators were unqualified, for example, it could not be overturned, had poor thixotropy, was soluble in water, could not resist hydrolysis, and had a serious pungent smell, so it was eliminated soon after use.

2Acrylic acid composition

Compared with the silicone rubber component, this is a separation adhesive that has further developed in performance through continuous research and development. It contains polyacrylate, which will not absorb water and swell, and can play a stable role in both turnover and thixotropy. With these advantages and performance, it was quickly promoted and widely used in the market, which is also a product that the public chooses to adopt more.

3Resin composition

As a new generation product, it is mainly composed of straight chain alkane resin components. Compared to the first two types, it has stronger physiological inertness and far superior properties such as hydrolysis resistance, radiation resistance, and reagent compatibility compared to other separation adhesives. However, its production cost is high, so the price is also more expensive, and it is usually suitable for PRR tubes in the medical beauty industry.

The separation adhesive of the above three components is very common in the market. For manufacturers who want to purchase and use it, it is necessary to understand the purpose in advance in order to purchase products with the required components. When the early separation gel appeared, it was used in conjunction with coagulants for serological analysis and detection. Later, as the applicability of the separation gel increased, it could be used in conjunction with various reagents, such as heparin salt, EDTA potassium salt, etc. As a professional supplier of blood collection additives, Desheng can fully meet the supply of these reagent raw materials and provide customers with one-stop procurement services. Interested parties are welcome to inquire and purchase!