What "pits" should be paid attention to when purchasing acridine hydrazide NSP-SA-ADH?

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In the chemiluminescence immunoassay, the luminescent reagent is usually used as an auxiliary to label, and then the tested substance is detected in the immune reaction. The luminescent substance used during this period is usually acridine series products, which are also widely used in the market at present. Therefore, many manufacturers will rely on this momentum to rapidly develop and produce these products, which brings about unstable performance. Recently, Desheng received customer feedback that it encountered some problems when purchasing acridine hydrazide NSP-SA-ADH. So let's introduce the items that should be noticed in the purchase process in detail.


There are many manufacturers claiming to be acridine hydrazide NSP-SA-ADH, but few really deserve the name. Most of them make profits everywhere under the banner of "manufacturer", and the product quality can not be guaranteed. So you must pay attention to the first "pit" is the manufacturer. If conditions permit, you can carry out field investigation or consult more people around you. Enterprises that are really manufacturers in the industry will generally accumulate image reputation, and more inquiries will help you choose to buy.

(acridine hydrazide NSP-SA-ADH)

2Product quality

The product performance of acridine hydrazide NSP-SA-ADH determines the use effect. Although its application is common, the production process of different manufacturers is different, and the product performance will naturally vary. The key to measure the quality of acridine hydrazide NSP-SA-ADH lies in its luminous efficiency and sensitivity. When purchasing it, you can not only listen to one side of the word, but also ask for sample testing and then batch or regular purchase.

3Contract terms

The production cost of acridine hydrazide NSP-SA-ADH is high, and the price will be higher, so attention should be paid to the "pit" when signing the contract terms. Generally, the contract page will contain detailed order instructions, supply cycle and after-sales return and replacement services. These instructions should be carefully read before placing an order to understand the manufacturer's delivery process, arrival date, and return and replacement policies. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the order invoice. If the payment is delayed, it should also be explained in advance in the contract to avoid the entanglement between the two parties due to the payment.

As a professional manufacturer of luminous reagents, Desheng has an independent research and development team, workshop and supply channel, which can be used by customers for field inspection, so there is no problem of "false report of manufacturers". At the same time, we provide a complete return and exchange service. Once the product has quality problems, we can solve them immediately, without delay, to ensure that customers can use them safely! Interested parties are welcome to click the website for details!