Preparation and Use of BES Sodium Buffer Solution

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As a necessity in various experiments, biological buffer has gradually expanded its application field and has been widely used in clinical medical diagnostic reagents and biotechnology. As one of the buffers, BES sodium salt has gradually become "noble".

BES sodium salt, also known as dihydroxyethylaminoethanesulfonic acid, is very similar to Bicine in structure, except that it replaces aminoacetic acid with aminoethanesulfonic acid, and is also often used as a PH regulator in various biochemical tests. Now we will focus on popularizing the production and use of BES sodium salt.


Preparation process of BES sodium salt:

1. Prepare to analyze the pure raw materials diethanolamine, sodium 2-chloroethyl sulfonate, sodium hydroxide. Diethanolamine and sodium chloroethanesulfonate will undergo substitution reaction to generate BES under the action of sodium hydroxide.

2. After generating BES, add acid and acidification. Add diethanolamine and sodium hydroxide into a four necked flask with the same amount of sodium hydroxide and sodium chloroethanesulfonate. The flask is equipped with a thermometer, pH meter and agitator.

3. When the temperature is stable, gradually add sodium 2-chloroethanesulfonate aqueous solution into the flask. Pay attention to the control of time and amount of addition. After that, keep the temperature stable and continue to react for a period of time.

4. Then determine the end point of the reaction according to the pH change of the system. After the reaction, add acid for acidification, perform vacuum distillation, remove excess water and unreacted diethanolamine, and get the crude BES product. Then refine and dry the crude product to get the finished BES product.

Precautions for use of BES sodium salt:

1. In the process of production or experiment, pay attention to the sterilization of containers, water or other solutions used to avoid external interference with the progress of the experiment.

2. During the period of getting BES sodium salt powder after drying, operators can avoid direct contact with inhaled dust and wear relevant protective equipment.

3. Most of the BES sodium salt produced is in powder form, and the solvent should be prepared when using, but it should be noted that the solution should be prepared and used immediately. Do not store a large amount of solution for a long time, which is easy to breed bacteria.

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