Carbomer's "Blue Cat's Naughty Three Thousand Questions"

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Carbomer is a thickening agent in skin care products and daily necessities. I believe that people who know it know its use better, but some manufacturers will exaggerate its use, and some customers will ask some questions in the process of purchasing products Let's call it "Blue Cat's Naughty 3000 Questions". With these questions, I have compiled relevant popular science about Carbomer, hoping to give everyone a more comprehensive understanding of Carbomer.

1. Can Carbomer be sterilizing and anti-inflammatory?

In order to attract the attention of beauty lovers, some cosmetics will deliberately promote "Carbomer", claiming that it has magical effects such as whitening skin care, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, and UV resistance. In fact, it is an act of deliberately misleading consumers. Carbomer Its main function is to thicken, suspend, and make cosmetics more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to use.

2. Is there carbomer in the mask?

There are really too many people asking this question. Lets explain it this way. Do you feel a thicknesswhen you use the mask, and then you think that this mask has a lot of essence, and you are complacent and think its good to buy it. In fact, this is not the case at all. Most of the mask ingredients on the market contain carbomer. This ingredient is mainly used to adjust the skin feel, thicken and improve the texture of the product. Although it is ineffective, it is true There is no substitute.

3. What are the models that Carbomer reuses?

There are many series of Carbomer, so I won't introduce them one by one here. Customers mostly use Carbomer 940 and Carbomer 980, which can thicken and suspend various daily chemical products. , emulsification and other effects, the application fields in skin care products are different, and the requirements for product transparency and viscosity are also different. The carbomer produced by our Desheng company can be used in different products. it is good.

4. Does Carbomer Have Side Effects?

It is understandable to ask this question. After all, it is to be applied to the face, and of course, there are concerns about side effects. After a long period of experimentation and exploration, there has been no deformity or mutagenesis. Even for people with sensitive skin, it may cause discomfort and rash, but as long as you do a sensitivity test before using it, there is no big problem. In general, carbomer has very limited side effects and high safety.

If you have other doubts about carbomer, you are welcome to discuss it actively. As a direct manufacturer of carbomer, Desheng has strong technical force. I believe that for any questions you raise, we are confident that we will give you a satisfactory solution. Of course, if you can try or purchase in our company, it is also our honor, we will provide you with better products and services.