What are the advantages of Desheng virus transport media?

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In the process of nucleic acid detection, the role of virus transport media is particularly important. Due to the large number of samples collected, the inspection work cannot be carried out immediately after the sampling is completed. From the completion of sampling to the beginning of the detection, a lot of things may happen in the middle or There are many problems, such as transporting or mailing specimens in different places, or too many samples to be tested and unable to test on time, etc. At this time, the virus transport media has played a considerable role.

The advantages of Desheng virus transport media:

①The pure water used is produced, and the production process is strictly controlled.

②We have summarized the effects of nutrients such as base solution, buffer system, protein stabilizer, cryoprotectant, amino acid and other nutrients on cells through a large number of experiments, and concluded the most suitable preservation solution formula for cell production and preservation to ensure efficient virus preservation. Sex, greatly improving the positive rate of virus culture.

Shipment volume of Desheng virus transport media:

Desheng's daily average daily shipment is more than 20 tons, and sometimes as many as 30-40 tons. The customers who have basically cooperated with them are all repurchased stably, the product quality is guaranteed, and the price is relatively favorable. Let me ask which customer Will not choose us. Desheng has obtained the record of Class I medical device, and its quality can stand the test of the market. In the process of declaration, it has also received great attention from the local area. At present, the inventory is sufficient, and even orders of 100 tons can be supplied in time.

Now many customers like to shop around, hoping to find a lower price, this kind of thinking is understandable. But if the price is ridiculously low, buyers should be vigilant, because the cost of raw materials is there, you can't sell at a loss, unless the products are made of low-cost raw materials, such as whether water is used If you want to buy a reliable product, come to Desheng to get a free trial pack. Is it good? Just give it a try.