Application and configuration method of TAPSO sodium salt

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The full name of TAPSO sodium salt in Chinese is 3-[N-tris(hydroxymethyl)methylamino]-2-hydroxypropanesulfonate sodium, abbreviated as TAPSO-Na, and the CAS number is 105140-25-8. It is a kind of commonly used in biochemical experiments. The weak alkaline buffer, its effective pH range is between 7.0-8.2. It is a pure white powder under normal conditions, and it needs to be configured into a solution when using it. It has good solubility and can be directly configured with distilled water.


Application of TAPSO Sodium Salt

Like TAPSO, TAPSO Sodium is part of the Good's Buffer family and contains the same benefits of Good's Buffers. Since it is non-permeable to cell membranes and non-toxic to cells, it has certain advantages as a buffer in cell culture media, because cell culture operations need to be carried out outside CO2 for a long time, and when the pH value of the environment changes, the Affect the cells to change, which can lead to the failure of the experiment. When TAPSO-Na is added to the medium as a buffer, it can resist drastic changes in pH and maintain it within the required range, thus ensuring orderly cell culture experiments. So this is also its usual field.

The preparation method of TAPSO sodium salt

1. Prepare quantitative TAPSO sodium salt, dH2O, stirring bar, and beaker with scale;

2. Pour a small amount of dH2O into the beaker (do not pour the dH2O all at once, leave a part for the final volume), and then add TAPSO sodium salt;

3. Stir with a stir bar until dissolved;

4. Add concentrated hydrochloric acid dropwise to adjust the solution to the required pH value range;

5. Add all the dH2O that has not been poured into the beaker to complete the constant volume;

6. Sterilize by filter or autoclave to get the finished solution;

7. After being configured as a solvent, it should be stored at 4°C. It is recommended to use it in a short period of time for better results.

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