Desheng cosmetics raw material HEPES officially certified

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It is well known that HEPES is an indispensable raw material in cosmetics that can moisturise, anti-wrinkle and maintain stability. In order to meet the needs of the public, many cosmetics on the market will also sell their products under this banner. Therefore, HEPES or 4-hydroxyethylpiperazineethanesulfonic acid can be seen in many cosmetics. Due to its huge market demand, there are not a few manufacturers, but there are very few manufacturers with raw material reporting codes.

When it comes to the raw material reporting code, many people may not know what it is. Generally speaking, it is the "ID card" of the product, which is a regulatory policy of the Food and Drug Administration on the source of cosmetic raw materials. Then why do manufacturers with product ID cards on the market so How much? It's because this "identity card" is not so easy to get.

In order to protect consumers' product safety, the Food and Drug Administration will carry out a quality control measure on the source of cosmetic raw materials, and review a series of information such as the composition, ratio, and safety information of raw materials. After the raw material safety-related information is submitted through the information platform, the raw material reporting code will be automatically generated. Desheng has invested a lot of energy in the R&D and production of HEPES. While pursuing product quality, it has also successfully applied for the reporting code for the filing of HEPES cosmetic raw materials. Desheng's products not only stand the test of the market, but also stand up to the scrutiny of supervision and inspection.

As a member of cosmetic consumers, the filing system for cosmetic raw materials also holds the first line of defense for consumers. The market-oriented operation concept of survival of the fittest in cosmetic raw material and finished products enterprises enables consumers to have a deeper trust in products. I believe that for cosmetic manufacturers, qualified raw material manufacturers are also their most trusted partners.