The hero behind the nucleic acid testing laboratory

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In the nucleic acid laboratory of the CDC, batches of nucleic acid test samples are sent here for testing. Unlike doctors fighting in the ward, laboratory doctors are in the laboratory and deal with the virus every day. The missing doctors, but they are also the people closest to the virus.

Sealed and shipped every half an hour to ensure timely delivery of samples

Since April 10, due to the new coronavirus infection in Echeng, large-scale nucleic acid testing screening has been carried out in many places. The testing personnel of various institutions are on standby 24 hours a day and are responsible for sample scanning code reception and verification, virus nucleic acid extraction, on-board testing, and results. Analysis, report review, information upload, etc. When all counties and districts pressed the "slow button" for nucleic acid testing of all staff, the laboratories of various nucleic acid testing institutions pressed the "fast forward button".

Twist the sampling tube, and twist your fingers to the point of cramping

"After the oral pharyngeal swab is sampled, the sample is placed in the virus transport media in the sampling tube. This liquid will inactivate the virus, that is, it will lose its original activity, which is convenient for transportation, and at the same time greatly reduces the infectivity and ensures the safety of testing. Song Xiaogai, a 32-year-old laboratory technician in charge, said that her job is to unscrew the cap of the sampling tube, extract the virus-containing preservation solution, put it into the prepared reagent for viral nucleic acid amplification, and also Screw on the cap of the sampling tube. In order to speed up the extraction process, Song Xiaogai and his colleagues have learned how to twist the cap. The cap of the sampling tube can be unscrewed with the left hand, and the preservation solution can be quickly extracted with the right hand. She could unscrew 1,400 sampling tubes in 6 hours, and her fingers cramped at one point.

Desheng virus preservation solution helps the world

On March 20, 2020, it became one of the first batch of enterprises to resume work in Gedian during the epidemic. Desheng cooperated with the delivery of medical protective equipment, guaranteed the supply of raw materials for diagnostic reagents, and contributed to winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control. Virus preservation solution is indispensable in nucleic acid detection. During the epidemic, we successfully developed and produced virus preservation solution, carbomer and other key products urgently needed by the epidemic. The quality and service have won the trust of many customers and sales continued to rise in steps. , Desheng's inactivated and non-inactivated virus preservation solutions help nucleic acid detection, which has contributed little to epidemic prevention and control, and at the same time, cooperates with foreign customers to help global epidemic prevention and control.

In the face of all kinds of difficulties, the testing personnel still stick to the safety cabinet. With sweat and tenacity, they detected a high wall to block the distance between the new crown virus and the public. What reason do we have to not face the difficulties? Once again, we pay tribute to the closest to the virus. The heroes behind the scenes and the companies that have contributed to the prevention and control of the epidemic, you are all heroes in our hearts!