Desheng nucleic acid sampling tube preservation solution is available in large quantities

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Recently, when many customers inquired about the preservation solution of nucleic acid sampling tubes, they often only reported the number of person-times for nucleic acid testing, such as 1 million copies or how many tubes, and then directly asked how much preservation solution should be purchased. When answering this question , we should first find out whether the samples are mixed or single, different detection methods, and the amount of preservation solution added to the nucleic acid sampling tube is different. Today, Desheng will give you a detailed answer, taking 1 million samples as an example. After understanding the algorithm, the others can be deduced in turn.

How much nucleic acid preservation solution needs to be added for 1 million mixed collections

For example, a customer asked me the day before yesterday about the need to test 1 million copies, and asked me how much I need to order. Before answering this question, I need to fully understand some information, because now the virus sampling tube is divided into mixed collection and apheresis, mixed collection It is a tube with several swab samples (take ten people as an example), and 6ml of preservation solution is added to each tube, then a tube for 1 million people needs 1 million × 6mL=600000ml, which is 600L of virus preservation solution, and the preservation solution is generally Just enough to submerge the swab.

How much nucleic acid preservation solution needs to be added for 1 million apheresis

For apheresis, a swab sample is added to a tube. The general addition volume of a 10ml tube is 3ml. Similarly, taking the sampling standard of 1 million copies as an example, the required amount of preservation solution is 1 million × 3ml=3000000ml, that is to say One million copies of a single sample book require a volume of 3000L of preservation solution. (1L=1000ml), so for the same sample, the amount required for apheresis is far more than the amount of mixed sampling. Mixed sampling is a sampling tube to detect multiple people, and the detection time is relatively fast, generally large-scale. In-house testing will use mixed sampling and then apheresis.

Desheng nucleic acid preservation solution has a daily shipment of 30-50 tons

The above is based on the example of mixed sampling of 6ML and single sampling of 3ML. There are also some nucleic acid sampling tubes that may have less preservation solution added, but generally we have mastered the number of people sampled and the swab samples to be placed in each tube. , After the three basic elements of the addition amount of each tube, the required amount of nucleic acid preservation solution can be quickly calculated. At present, the demand for nucleic acid viruses across the country is increasing, especially in several areas with severe epidemics. Sheng's daily shipments are between 30-50 tons.

Features and advantages of Desheng nucleic acid preservation solution

1. Various options: nasal/pharyngeal swab + inactivated/non-inactivated preservation solution to meet different experimental needs

2. High-efficiency inactivation: high-quality formula can inactivate viruses quickly and efficiently, avoiding the risk of aerosol infection

3. Nucleic acid stability: the preservation solution contains special stable components to ensure the stability and integrity of viral nucleic acid in vitro storage and transportation

4. Easy to operate: no need to mix, can be directly added to the virus preservation solution, there are 1L, 5L, 20L, 25L and other packaging specifications for customers to choose

5. A large number of spot goods: the productivity is hundreds of tons per day, which can greatly meet the delivery demand, and the same day payment can be delivered on the same day.