The meaning of the "mixed test" of nucleic acid testing and does it have requirements for virus transport medias?

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The new crown nucleic acid test plays a pivotal role in preventing and preventing the spread and progress of the epidemic. In the last round of nucleic acid testing, the "mixed test" method of nucleic acid testing has caused widespread heated discussion. What is "mixed test"? What is the significance of the "mixed inspection" method? Are the results of the nucleic acid test "mixed test" reliable? Does "mixed inspection" have requirements for virus transport media? Wait, these issues are all our concerns?

What is the "mixed test" of nucleic acid testing?

"Mixed detection" refers to nucleic acid detection of mixed samples. It has two modes: one is to sample several people, such as 3 or 5 people, respectively, and put them in the same sampling tube during sampling. This mode is also called "mixed sampling" or "mixed sampling"; the other is One is to mix samples of 3 or 5 people in the same volume during laboratory testing, which is also called "sample mixing".

What is the significance of mixed sample nucleic acid detection?

The mixed inspection adopts 3:1 sample mixed inspection or 5:1 sample mixed inspection. Compared with single inspection, it greatly improves the detection efficiency, speeds up the detection time, and effectively improves the detection ability. Examine all inspections".

Is the result of "mixed inspection" reliable? How to ensure the accuracy of the results?

From a scientific point of view, the first "mixed sampling" mode will not affect the sensitivity of nucleic acid detection, and the latter mode, which combines samples for detection, has a certain impact on the sensitivity of detection, but the degree of impact is known. .

However, when conducting mixed sampling, special attention should be paid to the registration of personnel information to ensure that the sample number and the subject can be traced back. According to their own conditions, localities use single swab sampling and double swab simultaneous sampling to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

Does "mixed inspection" have any requirements for the virus transport media in the virus sampling tube?

virus transport medias are divided into inactivated and non-inactivated virus transport medias. The choice of virus transport media can be determined according to actual needs, this has no effect. However, when performing a "mixed test", whether it is a 3:1 sample mixed test or a 5:1 sample mixed test, the focus is on the virus transport media to submerge the collected samples, so as to avoid better contact with the virus transport media in the sampling tube Collect samples.

Mixed-sample nucleic acid detection technology has greatly improved nucleic acid detection capabilities and reduced detection costs. It is an important means for normalized epidemic prevention and control. Desheng vigorously developed virus transport medias in the early stages of the epidemic. Whether inactivated or non-inactivated virus transport medias, the quality and yield have been recognized.