7 Questions and 7 Answers of Desun about Carbomer Products and Formulas

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Many customers always encounter problems of one kind or another when using Carbomer, such as viscosity problems, salt tolerance problems, dispersion problems, storage problems, etc. Today, Desheng sorted out related questions and answered them here. I hope that when you encounter this kind of problem next time, you can see it at a glance, and it will be more handy in specific operations.

1. Question: Why is the viscosity inconsistent after the pilot test and expansion of production when using carbomer products?

Answer: The possible reasons are: 1) the shearing force is too high; 2) the shearing time is too long; 3) the improper neutralization; 4) different mixing equipment; 5) improper addition sequence; 6) the polymer is not complete Neutralize to pH 6.5.

2. Question: Which carbomer products are salt-tolerant?

Answer: It is necessary to clarify which type of system Carbomer products will be used in. For skin care product systems, products with good salt tolerance include Carbomer Ultrez 20 polymer and Carbomer Ultrez 30 polymer; for liquid wash product systems, especially systems dominated by anionic surfactants, carbomer products are compatible with Salt has a synergistic thickening effect.

3. Question: What is the neutralization ratio of the powder product in the hydrogel system?

Answer: With NaOH (18%) as the neutralizer, the weight ratio of neutralizer to carbomer is 2.3:1.0 when neutralized to pH~7.0; the neutralization ratio of other neutralizers can be consulted by Desheng technicians.

4. Question: Can carbomer products be dispersed in the oil phase in skin care products?

Answer: Yes, but two points need to be paid attention to: the polarity of the oil phase and the heating temperature of the oil phase. When using the oil phase to disperse carbomer powder, pay attention to the polarity of the oil used should be non-polar or low-polar grease, and the temperature of the oil phase dispersed with the carbomer product should not be higher than 70 degrees Celsius during operation.

5. Question: How to store carbomer powder products after opening?

Answer: Carbomer powder products are easier to absorb moisture. If you can't use them up at once after opening, you should pay attention to sealing and avoid putting the carbomer products in the air. You should tighten the plastic bag as soon as possible after taking the material. Store in a cool and dry place.

6. Question: In actual production, how are traditional carbomer products, such as carbomer 940 polymer and carbomer 980 polymer, dispersed in water?

Answer: For traditional carbomer products such as carbomer 940/941/980/981, the following steps are recommended:

1) Pass the powder without agglomeration through a 20-30 mesh stainless steel screen and add it to the vortex of room temperature water;

2) Start stirring quickly, and homogenize if necessary, until a uniform dispersion is formed

7. Which Carbomer products are recommended as pre-dispersions? Which carbomer products are not recommended as pre-dispersions?

Answer: Carbomer products made into pre-dispersion are recommended: Carbomer 940/941/980/981/934, etc.; Carbomer products made into pre-dispersion are not recommended: Carbomer Ultrez 10/ 20/ 21 .

The above is the answers to frequently asked questions about Carbomer products from Desheng. At present, Desheng produces Carbomer 940 and Carbomer 980. Various indicators can be customized according to customer requirements. Only those who have passed the test and time witnessed Products are good products. If necessary, you can contact our sales or apply for sample trial online. I believe our quality can stand the test of time.