Method for preparing blood coagulant powder into solvent

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Blood Clot powderis an additive for blood collection tubes. To put it bluntly, it is the powder form of coagulant. It is a powder without dissolution and dilution. After adding certain substances, the coagulation powder can be used as a coagulant in blood collection tubes. Used, it is mainly used for accelerating coagulation of blood in blood collection tubes, facilitating the separation of serum, and serum for in vitro diagnosis. It can be made into coagulation-promoting tube, separating gel-promoting tube and other serum vacuum blood collection tubes.

Blood coagulation powder

Maybe you usually come into contact with the Blood Clot powdersolvent that has been prepared, and you rarely see the powdery solvent, and don't know what its configuration method is. The following briefly describes the solvent configuration method of the accelerator powder.

To prepare 1L of accelerator powder solution, we need to prepare the following reagents:

1. 60 grams of accelerator powder;

2. 850 ml of alcohol;

3. 18 grams of water-soluble silicone oil;

4. 150 ml of distilled water;

5. 18 grams of polyethylene glycol 400.

Equipment needed:

1. Electronic balance;

2. Two measuring cylinders with a range of 100ml;

3. Two clean beakers;

4. Glass stirring rod.

Configuration steps:

1. Pour the prepared 850ml of alcohol into half to 60 grams of accelerator powder, stir with a glass rod until it is completely dissolved (because there will be a certain amount of precipitation after the accelerator powder is dissolved, so this step is divided into two steps to add alcohol , To avoid residual accelerator powder in the following utensils) Obtain reagent A for use;

2. Add the weighed water-soluble silicone oil and polyethylene glycol 400 to the distilled water, stir to fully fuse, and obtain reagent B;

3. Mix the prepared reagent A and reagent B into a beaker, stir and mix, and use the remaining ethanol in step 1 to clean the beaker containing the coagulant powder solvent to avoid the loss of the bottom of the cup due to powder precipitation, before pouring the alcohol Pour into the mixed AB reagent;

4. Use the stirring rod to continue stirring for 30 minutes to make it fully mixed to obtain 1L of successfully configured Blood Clot powdersolvent.