virus transport media may require long-term storage

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At present, the domestic epidemic has been effectively controlled, but there are still sporadic cases imported from abroad, so the risk of virus infection cannot be completely ruled out. If there is a suspicious outbreak, nucleic acid screening needs to be carried out quickly, and a large amount of virus transport media is required. , Sampling tubes and swabs and other materials.

MTM virus transport media

For large-scale nucleic acid screening, the detection method is the method of sampling nucleic acid PCR amplification, so the virus transport media used is also a type that is conducive to PCR amplification. The inactivated virus transport media or MTM can directly release and retain the nucleic acid molecule RNA of the virus sample for PCR or other molecular detection. The virus transport media can be used for one-step extraction of nucleic acid for amplification, and the direct expansion preservation solution can also be used for direct PCR amplification without extraction.

Different types of virus transport medias

Other types of virus transport media

In addition to the MTM-type preservation solution, there are also VTM and UTM-type virus transport medias. The standard UTM and VTM preservation solutions are designed to transport and culture complete viable microorganisms or virus samples, so there are still certain risks. However, as long as the detection environment is well controlled and protected, it can be operated in a dedicated laboratory. Since the preservation solution is a complete virus sample, cold chain storage and transportation are required after sampling.

Storage time of virus transport media

Generally speaking, the virus transport media can be stored for a long time before re-sampling. According to customer feedback, Desheng only needs to keep it cool and ventilated. However, after sampling, no matter what type of storage solution is, it should be tested even if the conditions do not allow it. Low temperature refrigeration is required. Even so, the inactivated storage solution should be tested within one week, and the non-inactivated type should be tested within one week. Test within hours. After all, the virus transport media contains a variety of organic matter, which is easy to grow bacteria. Therefore, both before and after sampling, you need to pay special attention to control the preservation solution environment and avoid excessive temperature.

Although the virus transport media is a new and popular product after the outbreak, the demand has increased sharply, but in terms of the current domestic and foreign forms, this is not necessarily a phased demand, but a material that needs long-term storage. Therefore, Desheng is also upgrading the production capacity and supply of preservation liquid to ensure that the goods can meet the demand in time.