Application advantages of Carbopol polymers in oral care products

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Carbopol polymers can be used in a series of oral care products such as toothpastes and gels, mouthwashes, desensitization and tooth whitening products, and denture adhesives. It mainly functions as a high-efficiency thickener and adhesive, and can suspend insoluble active ingredients or auxiliary materials. The viscoelastic structure of Carbopol polymer has shear thinning rheology and low thixotropy, which makes it easy to squeeze a neat strip of toothpaste from the toothpaste tube.

In addition, Carbopol polymer also helps the adhesion and delivery of dental products to teeth, and can extend the residence time of fragrances. It can be added to lozenges, lozenges and films to provide bioadhesion and/or control. Releasing, in the CMC or xanthan gum system, using Carbopol polymer to partially replace the coadhesive (adhesive) can produce a higher yield stress, thereby obtaining better stiffness characteristics.

Compared with xanthan gum in anhydrous toothpaste, Carbopol polymer shows better rheological properties and higher viscosity. Carbopol polymers perform better in partially neutralized toothpastes than non-neutralized systems, and have a good overall aesthetic.

Rheological modification in water system and anhydrous system

●Low dosage of high-efficiency thickeners and adhesives

●Suspending agent for insoluble active ingredients or excipients

●Increase the consistency of peroxide gel system

●Toothpaste processing and filling

(Carbopol polymer vs. xanthan gum)

Potential advantages of CaCarbopol polymer beyond rheology

●Mucous membrane adhesion: keep on the mucosal surface

●Active substances on the surface of polymeric minerals

-Protect the enamel surface from demineralization

-Prevent biofilm from attaching to enamel

-Delayed plaque mineralization

-Promote the deposition of active compounds on the enamel surface

Advantages of Carbopol polymers in oral care formulations

●High-efficiency co-tackifier and thickener (even in the case of low usage)

-Aqueous and anhydrous systems

●Used as a suspending agent for insoluble active ingredients or excipients

●Compatible with common formula ingredients

●With bioadhesive properties, it helps to deliver ingredients to the gums and enamel

●Active substances on the surface of polymeric minerals

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