What are the advantages of carbomer as a thickener in cosmetics

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Peeled apples will turn yellow when exposed to the air, and iron will also rust when exposed to the air for a long time. This is the result of oxidation by air. Similarly, our skin will be oxidized when exposed to the air, and it will also cause many skin problems such as dry skin and lack of water. Therefore, cosmetics have become an indispensable part of our lives. Everyone should pay attention to the ingredient list when choosing cosmetics. Careful people should be able to find that carbomer 940 is added to many big-name cosmetics.

Carbomer Gel

Carbomer is mainly used as a thickener in cosmetics. It can adjust the rheology of cosmetics and increase the viscosity of cosmetics. In fact, in addition to carbomer, cosmetic thickeners, there are many other substances that can also achieve this effect, such as xanthan gum, polymer polymer, coconut oil thickening foaming agent, nutritional drawing protein sodium and so on. Although there are many thickening substances for cosmetics manufacturers to choose, the most commonly used is carbomer, which has the following advantages in cosmetics.

1. Low-dust powder, which can be dispersed quickly

2. The pH remains constant during the production process

3. The viscosity of the finished product can be adjusted

4. Can tolerate a 70:30 water/alcohol mixture

5. Make cosmetics more textured

Typical application case

1. Creams, lotions

2. Anti-wrinkle lotion and eye essence

3. Shampoo, shower gel

4. Hand sanitizer and foam cleanser

Although carbomer is a chemical substance, it is not harmful to the skin and body. It is mainly used to improve and increase the viscosity of cosmetics. As long as the cosmetics meet the national dosage standards, it can be used with confidence. Desheng is a professional carbomer manufacturer. At present, the company sells carbomer 940, carbomer 980 and other models, with sufficient supply, and the average daily mass production is about 3 tons. The delivery is fast, the quality is guaranteed, and a professional after-sales team will answer your questions. Now you can apply for a free sample online for trial. Please feel free to contact us if you need it.