Amphoteric Ion Buffer-MOPS

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MOPS is a kind of good's buffer, a kind of amphoteric ion buffer discovered by Good et al. in the 1960s. The pKa value at 25 degrees C is 7.14, and the pH range is effectively adjusted from 6.5 to 7.9. MOPS does not form complexes with most metal ions and is suitable for buffer in solution containing metal ions. MOPS is commonly used in culture media of bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells. MOPS is also used as running buffer in electrophoresis and buffer in protein purification chromatography.


The main applications of MOPS as buffer are as follows.

(1) In vitro diagnosis: biochemical kit, DNA/RNA extraction kit and PCR kit.

(2) Separation and purification of protein/nucleic acid: running buffer of electrophoresis and chromatographic buffer.

(3) Cell culture medium: buffer system of culture medium.

(4) Biosynthesis: Buffer used in biosynthesis.


The commonly used 10 *MOPS Buffer configuration method is as follows:

(1) 41.8 g MOPS was weighed and dissolved in about 700 mL DEPC treated water.

(2) 2 N NaOH was used to adjust the pH value to 7.0;

(3) 1M NaOAC 20mL and 0.5M EDTA (pH 8.0) 20mL treated with DEPC were added to the solution.

(4) Constant volume to 1 L, 0.45 um filter membrane was used to remove impurities and store them in room temperature and away from light.


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Product Name: 3-morpholine propionic sulfonic acid

CAS No. 1132-61-2

Number: M0001

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Content/Specification: 99.0%-101%

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