Notice for personal injection of heparin

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Low molecular weight heparin preparations (commonly nadroparin calcium injection, enoxaparin sodium injection, etc.) are often used in the prevention and treatment of venous thromboembolism. Because of the need of the disease, sometimes patients need to inject themselves at home. Do you know how to operate correctly to avoid adverse reactions such as pain, subcutaneous hemorrhage and sclerosis?

1. Selection of injection site

Should be subcutaneously administered, strictly prohibit intramuscular injection! Because there are abundant blood vessels in muscle, hematoma is very easy to occur after intramuscular injection of heparin.

The most commonly selected injection site is the abdomen (large injection area, more subcutaneous fat, relatively few capillaries, fast drug absorption, and not affected by exercise).

2. Injection method

Take pre-filling preparation as an example:

Do not exhaust before injection. Put the needle down and the bubble bullet over the liquid ammunition.

Knead skin folds with thumb and index finger. The needle should be inserted vertically and completely, not horizontally. Skin wrinkles should be maintained throughout the injection process.

The injection rate should be 4-5 seconds.

Stay for 10 seconds after injection. Vertical needle pulling. Press the injection site for 5-10 seconds.

3. What about this situation?

If there are ecchymosis, sclerosis and hematoma in the injection site when using low molecular weight heparin preparation, how to deal with it?

1. If the ecchymosis is less than 2 cm *2 cm, no special treatment is needed. It can be dissipated by itself in 3-5 days. Local hot compress and vigorous massage should be avoided.

2. If the area of ecchymosis is larger than 2 cm *2 cm, local sclerosis or pain may occur. Measures should be taken to deal with it actively. Cold compress method, that is, cold compress for 5 minutes before and after injection, can effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of subcutaneous hemorrhage. Raw potato chips or white radish slices can also be applied 3-6 times a day.

3. If hematoma occurs, cold compress and press for 30 minutes within 24 hours, and wet compress with 50% magnesium sulfate after 24 hours. If the hematoma is large, timely consultation is needed for subcutaneous hematoma aspiration or incision clearance.

In fact, when you use heparin preparations, according to the correct method of injection, you can minimize and avoid the occurrence of the above adverse reactions oh!