Is proteinase K a lyophilized powder or a solution?

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1. What is a lyophilized reagent

Freeze-drying or freeze-drying is a preservation process that removes water from materials to extend shelf life and stability.

Freeze drying or lyophilization is based on sublimation (the conversion of solids into gases). Since the process relies on phase change, temperature and atmospheric pressure play a crucial role in controlling the phase change. In order for sublimation to occur, temperature and atmospheric pressure must reach certain thresholds. When the lyophilized products are ready for use, they can be dissolved in an aqueous solution or solvent. Therefore, lyophilized reagents are lyophilized reagents for longer-term stability and storage. These products are not left in an aqueous solution, but in powder form, which can be dissolved for later use.

2. What are the benefits of freeze-dried proteinase K?

① High stability, long shelf life and low transportation cost. Lyophilization will not reduce the activity of proteinase K.

②The freeze-dried proteinase K is stable enough to be transported at ambient temperature. Therefore, the domestic transportation of proteinase K does not need to pay extra for blue ice transportation, but meets the conditions of cheap land transportation.

③ If the freeze-dried proteinase K is stored properly, it can remain stable for a long period of time.

3. What are the benefits of proteinase K solution?

①Save time. The proteinase K solution is ready, which means there is no need to spend time dissolving the proteinase K powder.

②The risk of proteinase K contamination is small, which will threaten your DNA or RNA samples.

③Because of mass production, proteinase K solution can provide consistent formula and activity.

4. How to choose proteinase K powder or solution?

First determine which product can meet your needs. In terms of cost, consistency, and convenience, what do you need most for your experiment.

5. How should proteinase K be stored/how long is the shelf life of proteinase K?

Stock solution: Dispense your stock solution and store it at -20˚C for up to 1 year.

Freeze-dried powder: Dry and store at -20˚C for up to 2 years.