What is the difference between Cabomer 940 and 980?

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No matter how similar everything is, it has differences, just as there are no two leaves that are the same in the world. So don't be fooled by the surface of Carbomer 940 and 980, there are also differences between them. It is generally a thickening agent, which helps to control the viscosity and fluidity of cosmetics. It also helps to distribute and suspend insoluble solids into liquids and prevent the oil and liquid parts of the solution from separating. If you want to know the difference between them, you must start with them.


What is Carbomer 940?

Carbomer940 is a cross-linked polyacrylate polymer material. It is very useful in personal care gels and creams and can be used as a highly effective rheology modifier. This material can provide high viscosity, excellent thickening performance and high suspension performance at a low dosage. Due to its non-drip and short-flow characteristics, it is very useful in the production of transparent gels, hydroalcoholic gels, creams, etc.

Features: short fluidity, high viscosity, high suspension, thickening and stabilization capabilities, and high transparency.

Carbomer 940 applications: styling gel, hydroalcoholic gel, moisturizing gel, shower gel, hand, body and facial lotion, and other types of creams.

What is Carbomer 980?

Carbomer 980 is a cross-linked polyacrylate polymer, which is polymerized by ethyl acetate and cyclohexane in a co-solvent system. It provides high viscosity, excellent thickening and suspension properties at low dosages. It has the characteristics of short flow and no dripping.

Features: short fluidity, high viscosity, high suspension, thickening and stabilization capabilities, and high transparency.

Carbomer 980 applications: hair styling gel and moisturizing gel production, shower gel production, hand, body and facial lotion production, etc.

The difference between carbomer 940 and 980

1. Compared with 940, Carbomer 980 has a larger polymer molecule. Under different conditions such as concentration, temperature and pH value, the changes in viscosity and rheology are different, and their ionic resistance and shear resistance are different. There are also differences in tangency.

2. Carbomer 940 has better permeability than 980 and lower viscosity, but if you need to prepare 75% disposable gel, you need to use Carbomer 980, because Carbomer 940 can only be used for concentrations below 65%. Over this concentration, the gel will turn white and directly affect the appearance.

3. When the ion is present or the concentration increases, the transparency of 980 and 940 have little effect, but the ion resistance of 980 is higher than that of 940

Higher, so 980 can provide relatively higher viscosity and yield value when the energy ion increases.

4. Carbomer 980 has slight elasticity and has a moisturizing and smooth skin feel when first applied. It is suitable for medium or biased formulations that feel rich, and it is not sticky after use; Carbomer 940 has a clearer skin feel and is suitable for refreshing Type formula.

Carbomer 940 is very important as a rheology modifier, while Carbomer 980 is very important as a thickener.