The integration of carbomer (9003-01-4) makes the neutral ink smooth

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The full name of GelInkPen is "water-based paint medium viscosity ballpoint pen". Because it is lubricated and smooth when writing, it is not prone to breakage and ink leakage, clear writing, ink convergence, long time for cap removal, and permanent preservation. A very popular new type of writing tool. However, due to its characteristics, the technology is complicated, the knowledge interface is interlaced, and the process indicators are unique, which greatly increases the difficulty of ink research and development. Also, due to foreign technical confidentiality requirements, there are few research papers and monographs for reference, so the research and development progress is relatively slow. The produced neutral ink still cannot be stored stably for a long time, and there are problems such as disconnection and ink leakage during writing. Therefore, the study of the neutral ink thickening system is of great significance for improving the performance of the neutral ink.

As a cross-linked acrylic polymer, carbomer has not only been widely used in various water-based coatings, cosmetics, pharmaceutical preparations, adhesives, etc., due to its efficient thickening performance, but has also been introduced into neutral inks in recent years. In the system, significant results have been achieved. It not only improves the viscosity and pseudoplasticity of the neutral ink, but also improves the biological stability of the neutral ink. However, when carbomer gel is used alone, its rheological properties are difficult to meet the requirements of neutral ink, so it needs to be compounded with other substances.

Carbomer and fumed silica thickening system

The neutral ink prepared by the carbomer and the fumed silica thickening system and the carbon black paste has a small ink output, just because the interaction between the fumed silica and the carbomer is very strong, forming large particles , The ink output of neutral ink is small. Therefore, although the thickening system of fumed white carbon black and carbomer can obtain high viscosity and pseudoplasticity, it is not suitable for neutral ink.

Carbomer and Oxidized Polyethylene Wax Thickening System

The neutral ink obtained by compounding the thickening system of carbomer and oxidized polyethylene wax with charcoal black paste has fluent writing, good hand feeling, long detachment time, no particle agglomeration, and good dispersion stability. It shows that the compound system can be applied to neutral ink.