Two buffers MOPS and MES for soilless culture

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What is soilless culture

Soilless culture can be broadly defined as a planting method that does not use soil but uses nutrient solutions to grow any plants. Since the soilless culture method needs to dissolve the nutrients needed by the crop in the nutrient solution to absorb the roots of the plant, it is also called a hydroponic system. Because the soil has the function of adjusting the pH value, plants need to absorb nutrients from the nutrient solution with a specific pH value. In order to prevent the pH value of the nutrient solution from changing during the soilless period cultivation process, botanists choose to use biological buffer as the nutrient solution to maintain As an important component of pH, we will now introduce two buffers, MOPS and MES, which are used in soilless culture.

Application of MOPS

1. In the study of optimizing the hydroponic growth system, MOPS buffer is used as the fixative of the water yellow root. It has the ability to soften tissues to cut fragments.

2. In the study of optimizing the hydroponic growth system, MOPS buffer is used as the culture buffer and washing buffer of the yellow roots.

3. In NH4 nutrition research, it is best to use a buffer with a pK between 6.5 and 7.5, because the experienced pH drops significantly. Due to the adverse effects of ADA and ACES, BES and MOPS are more popular alternatives.

Application of MES

After many experiments, it is found that MES Buffe (CAS4432-31-9) is biologically inert, non-toxic to plants, and has a very low metal binding constant. It can stably maintain the pH value of the nutrient solution without affecting the metal ions of the nutrient solution. It is very suitable for In the HEMP medium, the pH value suitable for HEMP growth is between pH 5.8 and pH 6.2. Through experimental observation, if the pH value of the culture medium is lower than pH5.0, it will increase the utilization of micronutrients, leading to Fe poisoning or Mn poisoning; if the pH value is higher than pH7.8, the leaves may yellow. Kind of cultivation methods.

1. Solid medium method: remove the top or side buds of cannabis, disinfect the surface with a mild detergent under aseptic conditions, cut off the necrotic tissue with a sharp tool, and then culture it in a medium containing MES Buffer. It takes root.

2. Rock wool culture medium method: Cut HEMP stems (the best cut length is 5-7 cm), place them in rock wool culture medium, and add fertilizer solution (300 mL) containing MESBuffer (5-mM) to make roots. According to research, adding MES Buffer can stabilize the pH of the medium and increase the success rate of rooting.