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Luminol Chemiluminescence - a leading brand of high-end chemical and biochemical reagents, specializing in the research, production and marketing of vascular extracting additives, in vitro diagnostic reagents, buffers and luminescent substrates. In the aspect of vasculature additives, it has formed independent intellectual property rights and professional production and R&D capabilities. To provide products and raw material solutions for more than 100 manufacturers at home and abroad.

Chemiluminescence detection targets are proteins, hormones, lipids and other substances in blood and body fluids. There are more than 10,000 target substances in human circulatory system. At present, there are about 200 common light-emitting species. Because of its detection sensitivity and accuracy far exceed biochemistry, there is a huge space for theoretical development projects. Light-emitting single products can support the performance of a medium-sized multinational company, such as the historically famous BRAHAMS PCT project, and the global $1 billion market for single products. Therefore, as a platform, Luminescence can still achieve miracles in addition to the continued high growth of stock items. With the clinical research of target substances, there will be more space in the future.

_Hydrogels were prepared by natural chitosan, chemiluminescent reagent N-(4-aminobutyl)-N-ethyl isoluminol (ABEI) and catalyst Co2+. It was found that 99.8% Co2 + was immobilized on the hydrogel skeleton, while 89.5% ABEI was dispersed in the hydrogel pore. When the oxidant H2O2 is added, it diffuses slowly into the hydrogel and is decomposed by the catalyst Co2 + located in the active center to produce active free radicals. Then it reacts with the chemiluminescent reagent to produce chemiluminescence. The catalytic activity and stability of Co2+ are enhanced by its chelation and heterogeneity. Hydrogels with micron/nano holes and high viscosity reduce the diffusion rate of hydrogen peroxide, resulting in strong and long chemiluminescence.

_The work simulated the bioluminescence of fireflies in terms of chemiluminescence kinetics and catalytic properties, and its luminescence time was obviously better than that of the existing long-term chemiluminescence systems, such as enzymatic chemiluminescence system and oxalate peroxide chemiluminescence system, and the hydrogel was simple to synthesize, environmentally friendly and biocompatible. It has potential applications in cold light sources, biosensors, microchips and bioimaging.

[Technical field]

The invention relates to acridine ester derivatives, in particular to a chemiluminescent acridine ester derivative and its synthesis method. The invention also relates to the application of the acridine ester derivative as a chemiluminescent substance in immunoassay and belongs to the field of chemiluminescent acridine ester derivatives.

_[Background Technology]

_2. Chemiluminescence Immuno assay (CLIA) is a new labeled immunoassay technology which combines chemiluminescent or bioluminescent system with immune reaction to detect trace antigens or antibodies. The principle of detecting immune response is the same as RIA and EIA. The difference is that luminescent substances are used instead of chromogenic substances. The relative luminescent intensity (RLU) of samples is detected, and the content of the detected substances is deduced quantitatively or qualitatively. Its analytical method has the advantages of simple operation, high sensitivity, fast and easy standardization. In addition, it does not use harmful reagents and has a long retention time. It has been widely used in biology, medical research and clinical laboratory diagnosis.

After the rapid development of CLIA in recent ten years, many kinds of chemiluminescent substrates have been developed, including acridine esters, luminol and its derivatives, oxalate peroxide and adamantane. Among them, acridine esters and acridine amide derivatives as immunoassay tracers have many advantages: no catalyst, high specificity, high luminescence quantum yield, good stability, and so on, so they have been widely used.

4. At present, there is no chemiluminescent immunoassay tracer with high sensitivity, long luminescence duration, simple use and constant intensity at room temperature in the chemiluminescent immunoassay reagent system labeled with alkaline phosphatase (ALP).

At present, our company mainly has: blood sample anticoagulant series products, including heparin sodium, heparin lithium, trisodium citrate, EDTA di-potassium, EDTA tri-potassium, potassium oxalate and so on; blood sample anticoagulant series products, including blood coagulant powder, blood coagulant and so on; blood sample pretreatment materials, including separation gel, silicide and so on. The raw materials of diagnostic reagents include: buffer and research and development of chromogenic substrates. At present, there are TOOS, TOPS, ADOS, ADPS, ALPS, DAOS, HDAOS, MADB, MAOS, TODB and so on. Buffers include Tris, Bicine, Caps, Mops, Taps, EPPS and so on. Chemiluminescence substrates are luminol, isoluminol and enzyme substrates PNPG. Because of our independent research and development, we have high purity and good crystal morphology. Buffer product, white crystal, purity > 99%, absorbance < 0.05. TOOS, MAOS, TOPS and other products, white crystals, high purity (more than 99%) and good solubility, are different from light blue or brown products on the market.

Desheng Technology's product quality and technology have been widely recognized and used by customers in China's local market. Over the years, many well-known domestic vascular production enterprises have been choosing and using Desheng's products. Our products have already gone to the world, serving the health and medical cause of people in all countries. We Desheng people feel extremely proud and gratified about this. Desheng Science and Technology will continue to develop and research advanced biochemical reagents to meet the needs of the global development of medical laboratory science and technology, and strive for human health.