Hubei biological buffer CAPS manufacturer, do you know that I am looking for you?

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Do you know I am looking for you? This is what a customer of our company who needed the biological buffer CAPS said when he found our manufacturer of Desheng, which made me remember deeply. It seems that no matter whether the manufacturer needs to find customers, our customers also want to find manufacturers of products. So no matter who finds who, this is a win-win situation. Why do you say this way?


And what are the advantages of Desheng as a manufacturer in the biological buffer CAPS?

Because when customers were looking for the biological buffer CAPS, they found many companies. Because of their special customization needs, many CAPS vendors on the market could not meet them. This is not only a question of price, but can’t find the products you need with money. Therefore, this problem can only be solved by looking for manufacturers that can meet the requirements of customization.


1. Advantages in coating applications

Compared with other manufacturers, Desheng CAPS has obvious advantages in the application of new coatings. In terms of dryness, curing and chemical resistance, it completely surpasses other manufacturers. It can be used in a variety of environmentally friendly high-quality water-based, two-component In the polyurethane coating formulation, compared with general solvent-based coatings, the CAPS produced by Desheng does not cause the problem of paint film quality degradation at all.


2. Process advantages

Desheng adopts a better process. The 3-(cyclohexamine) propanesulfonic acid product solution prepared by the traditional method has poor absorbance and has the problem of suspended matter, which leads to low yield and poor quality during production. Sheng adopts the latest production technology. The operation process of this method is simple, stable and controllable. The quality of the products obtained is better, and the production capacity and product yield are improved. Generally, it takes 2 days from the feeding to the finished product to be put into storage. The kettle can make 500kg-1 ton at a time.


3. The advantage of purity

When CAPS is used as a biological buffer, it needs better purity. Generally, it needs to be analytically pure. When used in industry, the purity requirements are relatively low. Customers must verify the purity value clearly when purchasing. All biological buffers produced and developed by Desheng are of analytical purity. The purity of CAPS, TRIS, BICINE, etc. are ≥99% and the process is stable. We can provide comprehensive product testing and special testing services according to your application needs. A trusted choice.


4. Feasible customization according to customer needs

Because it is a manufacturer and integrates R&D, production and sales, we can make improvements according to the actual situation of customers who encounter special parameter requirements, and strive to achieve customer needs more difficult to a large extent. This is a challenge for manufacturers. The times are advancing, and we must keep up with the pace of the times and make better products.