CAS #521-31-3 Luminol Details

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Luminol is often used for blood detection in criminal investigation. After death, the reactive oxygen species in the blood react with Luminol and emit blue-purple fluorescence. And no matter how you wash the spilled blood, Luminol will be detected as long as it touches it.

At room temperature, Luminol is a yellow crystal or a cream-yellow powder, but it is strong acidic after being prepared into the solution. It has certain stimulating effect on human eyes, nose and respiratory tract. So when using Luminol, it usually needs to wear special work clothes to operate again!

With the rapid development of modern medical industry, Luminol has become more widely used in blood immunoassay kits. It combines chemiluminescent substances with immunological reactions. Luminol derivatives are the most commonly used markers of chemiluminescence.

The English name is 3-Aminophthalhydrazide, 3-aminophthalhydrazide. The purity of Luminol produced by Wuhan Desheng is over 99%(HPLC), and its molecular weight is 177.16. The general storage method is sealed at room temperature.

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