Luminol can actually be used for bioluminescence imaging of inflammation

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The full name of luminol: 5-amino-phthalic hydrazide, also known as luminol, CAS number is 521-31-3, the appearance is yellow powder, which belongs to a kind of chemiluminescence reagent. Because luminol can emit blue light when it is oxidized, it is often used in criminal investigation, biological engineering, chemical experiments, disease diagnosis and other fields.



In the field of disease diagnosis, luminol can achieve highly sensitive bioluminescence imaging of inflammation through the luminescence reaction with myeloperoxidase MPO produced in the inflammatory area, which is useful for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases, atherosclerosis, and cancer. Many diseases are of great significance.


According to expert literature, luminol reacts with MPO secreted by neutrophils and macrophages in the inflammation site to produce blue light with a λmax of 425 nm, but because of the short wavelength of light emitted, this detection can only be used at first For imaging of epidermal tissue inflammation.


Later, a team of experts from Peking University constructed a new type of nanobubbles doped with fluorescent dyes, which can not only be used for ultrasound contrast imaging, but also can effectively integrate bioluminescence energy resonance transfer BRET and fluorescence energy resonance transfer FRET. The blue light produced by Nuo is converted into near-infrared red light with a λmax of 670 nm, realizing highly sensitive bioluminescence imaging of deep inflammatory tissues.


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