Manufacturing method of carbomer no-clean hand sanitizer

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After the SARS outbreak in 2003, sterile products have gradually become popular, and hand sanitizer is indeed the best companion. Compared with soap, carbomer additive cleansing hand sanitizer has unique advantages: soap and other solids are susceptible to dust and antibacterial drugs. Avoid the possibility of mutual infection. At the same time, the Carbomer series of hand sanitizers have stronger sterilization capabilities and can meet people's daily sterilization needs.

Carbomer disinfectant not only has the advantages of traditional disinfectants, but also overcomes the limitations of traditional disinfectants that require water. "Bacteria transmission" is ubiquitous in daily life and constantly threatens people's health. Therefore, making disinfection easier and faster is a very important issue. Disposable hand sanitizer can solve this embarrassing problem well. You only need to apply it lightly, and then evaporate naturally by hand to meet the requirements of hand disinfection. It is particularly suitable for conditions that require hand disinfection, such as offices, offices, public transportation on the subway, outdoor travel or water inconvenience. Let me talk about how to make it.



The following materials are required

Anhydrous alcohol: 49-52.3%

Triclosan: 0.03--0.3%

Carbomer 940: 0.11--0.15%

Sodium hyaluronate: 0.05--0.5%

Glycerin: 0.5--2.5%

Triethanolamine: 0.01--0.05%

Medical supervision agency: 0.01--0.02%

Hydrophilic stabilizer: 2-8.52%

Deionized water: 38.89--45.64%

Tools include: 600ml plastic bottle, one liter (or more) bowl and spoon, food coloring/flavor enhancer, medicine spoon, sanitary mask, chemical resistant gloves


Practical steps

Slowly mix 2.5 g of Carbomer 940 with 200 ml of water, stir evenly with a medicine spoon, and then leave it overnight. Use a 600ml plastic bottle (about 1 bottle + 1/4 bottle) to measure 750 mL of ethanol (95%), stir and pour into the gel. Add 1-2 tablespoons (10ml) of propylene glycol and add a few drops of food coloring/flavoring agent. Add 40 ml of water (about 6 tablespoons) and continue to stir. The final volume is about 1 liter. Slowly add 0.5-1 mL (10-20 drops) of triethanolamine and continue stirring until uniform. Pour the gel into a plastic bottle. The homemade hand sanitizer is ready.



Ethanol is the main bactericidal substance. By optimizing the formula, the concentration of ethanol in the hand sanitizer is lower than the traditional best bactericidal concentration. Hand sanitizer has a good antibacterial effect. At the same time it has the characteristics of hand skin. By adding sodium hyaluronate, glycerin and conditioner, and adding ethanol in a reasonable ratio, carbomer can protect the moisture of the tired skin of the hands. There is no dry feeling after use, and the hand skin can be treated again, the evaporation time is short, and the hand feels not sticky.


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