Can heparin sodium be replaced by heparin calcium?

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Heparin sodium is a commonly used heparin blood anticoagulant. The same heparin calcium can also be used as a blood anticoagulant. What is the difference between the two? Can heparin calcium be used instead of heparin sodium?


The role of heparin sodium and heparin calcium in blood anticoagulation is similar, and heparin is used for anticoagulation. Unfractionated heparin and low-molecular-weight heparin can be combined with antithrombin iii to increase the affinity of antithrombin iii and coagulation factors, and play the role of anticoagulation factors. Although the two anticoagulation principles are the same, they cannot replace each other. The application of heparin sodium is relatively more than that of heparin calcium.



Heparin anticoagulant

Molecular difference between heparin sodium and heparin calcium:

Structurally, the main parts of heparin sodium and heparin calcium are both heparin, but they contain different metal cations. Heparin calcium is generally made from heparin sodium.


Low-molecular-weight heparin comes in two forms, sodium salt and calcium salt, but the clinical efficacy is not much different. Heparin calcium is slightly stronger than heparin sodium in anticoagulant factor 2a, and the anticoagulant effect is relatively weak, but overall there is no significant difference in clinical efficacy.


The difference between heparin sodium and heparin calcium:

Since heparin has a stronger affinity for Ca2+ ions than for Na+ ions, when heparin sodium is used, it often causes calcium deposition in various tissues, especially in blood vessels and capillaries, especially in large-dose subcutaneous injections. The chelation effect of serotonin destroys the permeability of adjacent capillaries, resulting in petechiae and hematoma. The process of changing sodium salt to calcium salt may cause the disorder of blood electrolyte balance.


The difference between heparin sodium and heparin calcium:

Heparin sodium is generally used to seal the needle for infusion patients, and its effect is quite good. However, when the patient chooses subcutaneous injection, heparin calcium is better, so the adverse reactions are less.


Heparin sodium is used for anticoagulant drugs and other non-drug reagents such as blood collection tubes or cosmetics. The potency, purity and impurity content of heparin sodium for different purposes are different; and heparin calcium is mainly used for For drugs, the requirements are higher.


What needs to be reminded is that Desheng brand heparin sodium is not a medicine and cannot be used as a medicine. It can only be used in blood collection tubes as an anticoagulant for blood testing.