How much is a kilogram of carbomer 940

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How much is Carbomer 940 per kilogram? This should be the most frequently asked question by many sales staff when receiving intended customers. Many customers did not get a clear reply after consulting the kilogram price of Carbomer. Therefore, it goes offline directly without a trace. I don’t know that the price of different orders is very different. If a manufacturer directly gives you a price no matter how large the quantity of goods you consult, you must not believe it lightly.


A truly responsible merchant will not directly tell you the price of Carbomer 940, but ask your order quantity. Each customer orders a different quantity, and the price will definitely vary greatly. They cannot be generalized, such as Carbomer. The price of 940 ton and kilograms is definitely different, so buyers must figure out the specific purchase quantity when buying, so that sales can give a more accurate response.


The picture on the left is carbomer from other manufacturers, and the picture on the right is carbomer gel from Desheng manufacturer


In addition, if you want Carbomer 940 price at a favorableand with guaranteed quality, it is a wiser choice to find a factory direct seller, which not only guarantees the quality, but also has a much lower price. Desheng is such a direct manufacturer, in order to thank new and old customers , The price is lowered to 100 yuan/KG for the ton level. The price has been reduced but the quality has been continuously improved. Desun’s professional R&D personnel continue to test and optimize the product. The carbomer now produced is not only much more transparent than similar products , You can also customize individual indicators, which is a very good choice for customers with customized needs.


Now let’s answer the question of how much is Carbomer 940 per kilogram. I believe everyone is very clear. It is 100 yuan/KG for Desheng ton level and above, and kilogram level depends on the specific order quantity. Large quantities are more favorable. The application of Carbomer 940 developed by Shengsheng on hand sanitizing gel, lotion and cream has been unanimously recognized by many customers. Its main characteristics are simple process, guaranteed quality, high daily output, and the most important thing is it With super high cost performance and high reputation both at home and abroad, all my colleagues in the company will make unremitting efforts to continuously pursue excellent quality and perfect corporate image, and show them on the international stage with first-class products and excellent services.